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Author Topic: Ever Wonder What A No-Slide-Out Dinette Looks Like?  (Read 139 times)
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« on: July 13, 2017, 09:18:14 am »

Hi PC Community,

I get this question once in a while so I'm posting the information.
Our PC is a 2007 2350.  CLICK HERE to see many pictures.  Though our PC is a 2007 model year, our no-slide-out arrangement is about the same as a brand new one.  This applies to models 2350, 2351, 2551, 2552, and maybe even some of the longer PCs.

- 71"w x 36"d  our dinette made into a bed
- 81"w x 13"h x 15"d  the overhead cabinet above the dinette
- 88.5"  over-all interior width measured at sink/stove counter-top height from sink wall to dinette wall
- 35.5"  booth width including the padded structure around the cushions
- 28.5"  distance between padded booth structure and the edge of the galley counter top

We ordered our PC with the standard foam cloth cushions shown farther down in the photos website.  We later upgraded to the vinyl cushions with memory foam which is a bit thinner than the standard foam but is much more dense.  The difference is huge for comfort, mobility, and cleanup.  We highly recommend getting the vinyl covered memory foam cushion upgrade.  We thought the cloth would be more comfortable, but that was not the case for us.  The cloth prevented us from shifting our weight when seated and made it very hard to get in and out from the dinette.  We simply slide across on the vinyl cushions today.  The thinner & denser memory foam cushions provide more "comfort room" and is more supporting to my rump.  With the standard foam, if I didn't sit upright, my rump would bottom-out on the plywood beneath.

If special ordering a brand new PC this way, make sure our 2007 information still applies.  I believe most does.  Give the factory the link to this post for them to compare.  The cushions might have changed some.  The base cabinet doors we have are drawers now.  You can request either drawers or doors.  Drawers offer much easier access, having just doors without drawers stores much more.  We also have top access by removing the cushions.  That might be the same today, but maybe not.

Ron Dittmer
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Ron & Irene Dittmer, 2007 Model 2350, Ordered Without A Slideout
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