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Valve extensions

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Valve extensions
« on: September 27, 2013, 09:40:44 pm »
Not long ago there was an interesting discussion on this forum of loose valve cores. Since then I've been monitoring tire pressures and valve condition a little more than usual. On a recent trip that involved a little more than 12,000 miles driven over a five week period I had two scary situations come up involving rear tire valve extensions. First, during a routine tire check I noted that one of the valve extensions was rubbing against the wheel cover and had worn thru the outside metal into the rubber. I removed it and was able to split it open with a slight twist. About a week later on the opposite side the inside tire pressure was very low. I filled it back up and checked it about 20 miles later and found that the pressure had dropped. I called AAA and went to a recommended tire shop  where they removed the wheel to check for leaks. It turned out that the valve had split where the stem  joins the wheel rim. The technician told me he often sees this with dual wheel valve extensions due to vibration over extended period. Our PC has 44,000 miles since we took delivery 17 months ago. I realize most users don't put their units thru the stress that we do, but it might be wise to keep an eye on the condition of those rear tire valve extensions as well as the valve cores.



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Re: Valve extensions
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2013, 09:11:24 am »
good info,,,, notice that the nuts holding the extenders comes loose sometimes,,,Did yours????   Since those wheel cover are metal and the attachments are metal I think there is so much vibration that they naturally vibrate loose ....Had to tighten the nuts holding the duals a couple of times
 That was a good post on the extenders,,,I have some on my front also ,, it was to hard to get to the valves without them,,,, I check all of the extenders each time I do a pressure check...