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Author Topic: $3000 off in-stock and ordered new units during Atlanta Show  (Read 778 times)
« on: October 16, 2013, 12:16:31 am »

October 17th-20th

I know he has a 2009 2551 that I saw when I was in Elkhart last weekend.  Earl drove it down, but he's staying in it right on-site and rented a golf cart to drive you right over to see it. I *think* the $3000 discount applies to that unit too, but I didn't put it in the e-mail, because I don't want to commit him to something he didn't mean to (and he was already asleep  LOL)  But if you're down there, tell him Aime said he might give you the $3000 show sale off of that used unit as well!   Bolt
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