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Electrical problem

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Electrical problem
« on: December 24, 2013, 11:49:45 am »
Merry Christmas all,  I'm not sure what to do, I just got back to New York from the Factory in Elkhart after picking up our new 2350.  When we got home about 10 days ago I put it in the barn and hit the store switch, 2 days ago I took it out to wash, (the temp was above freezing for a couple of days) I wanted to get off all the salt after our run home. After washing I had it at the house and went to switch on the coach batteries but nothing, I then started up the engine and then the switch worked but as soon as I shut that off out went the coach lights and the red light on the coach battery switch, I hooked up shore power assuming somehow the Batteries were drained, but after several hours as soon as I unhooked the shore power everything went black. Looks like the Batteries are dead. While all this I found I couldn't turn the patio lights on, switch wouldn't move I added a little pressure and I think I broke the switch as now it flops with no resistance. with the gen or engine, or shore power, the inverter panel mode button would not work it would only show a reading with the top little light on and it displayed 12v. I got worried and disconnected the shore power and put it away.  It was fine on the trip home, ran furnace one night and used the coach lites with no problem. No fuses or breakers tripped. Tried to call factory, but they are closed till the 6th of Jan and we were planning on leaving for FL on the 9th, maybe not..... Any ideas??



Re: Electrical problem
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Re: Electrical problem
« Reply #2 on: December 24, 2013, 06:40:08 pm »
Hi Triumph,

At 12v it looks like the batteries are dead, a fully charged battery will show 12.7 v.  Go to my post linked above and you will see that when on shore power the red light may be on but the relay could be open and the batteries will not charge.  You need to plug into shore power and press the switch on the use position and the bateries will be charging.  Check this by watching the volts on the inverter panel, it should show near 14 volts, and then push the switch between use and store and you will see the voltage go down to a resting voltage when in the store position and back up to a  charging voltage in the use position, even though the red light stays on.

Bob A
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