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Doghouse insulation project (post 2)

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Doghouse insulation project (post 2)
« on: December 24, 2013, 06:54:51 pm »
I pulled the doghouse out of the PC and placed it on the work table.  There is a hard insulating pad of fiberglass and foil that is friction fitted to the back of the doghouse.   It comes out by gently pulling and working it around the rubber gasket.  Here is the doghouse with the insulation pad removed:


Here is the insulation pad:


Be careful removing the doghouse because I broke the carbon fiber looking plastic piece that has the cup holders in it.  It apparently drops in with retaining tabs and is then glued down.  The glue didn't hold and I broke the tabs off.  There is also a another plastic piece that attaches to the doghouse that is held on by a clip at the base.

I cut the Damplifer material into strips with a razor knife and pressed it to the inside of the doghouse and used the roller to get good contact.  I doubt this material will ever fall off by itself.  The sticky side is really sticky.  I also put some material on the other side of the doghouse where it would be covered by the vertical piece that holds my sunglasses and tissues.  I thought about putting 2 layers on the inside, but decided I'd have enough material to do the cab floor if I just put on one layer.  Here is what it looks like:


The doghouse is nothing but curves so it took a while to cut strips to fit but I finally got 100% of the doghouse interior covered.

Next I removed the passenger chair and pulled away the vinyl flooring.  It has a jute like material under it that is about 1/2" thick.  It was wet under the passenger side.  Hmmm.  Under the vinyl flooring was the metal floor.  I covered about 90% of this area with Deamplifer from the firewall to the carpet behind the chairs.




I had some material left over so I decided to tackle the passenger door.  There are 3 screws that hold the door on and once removed, the panel simply lifts up.  I tried to cover 25% of the exterior skin but it's hard to reach due to poor access.  I also put some rectangular pieces on the interior skin as it sounded very 'tinny' when tapped.  At this point, I was running low on material and I put the door back together.  I had heard that applying material to the door will make it clunk when closed instead of clanking.  Maybe I didn't use enough.  My door still clanked.  Oh well.  I didn't have enough materials for the driver's door.  I may tackle it later.


I wanted something to act as a sound barrier so I went to HD and Lowes and looked around for some underlayment sound dampener.  All I found was some 1/8" underlayment for wood flooring.  100 sq ft was $65.  Too pricey and too thin.  I looked around some more and found some closed cell pads for cushioning your feet that snap together.  These were 10mm thick and about $20.  I went with this and put it on top of the Deamplier and then laid the vinyl flooring on top.  10mm is pretty thick and it caused some issues getting a nice fit under the vinyl and getting the bolts back in that hold the seats down.  Once I had everything covered back up, I put the insulation pad back in the doghouse and put the doghouse back in place.  Remember I said 10mm is pretty thick?  The floor was now 10mm higher and I had to fit the doghouse back in pushing with my feet.  It is now a very, very tight fit.

By now, I was over this project.  All the above took about 8 hrs to complete.  The next post summaries the results of my labor.