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Author Topic: Trailer Connector Problem  (Read 1451 times)
NC Sailors
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« on: May 18, 2010, 09:16:40 am »

We have a 2010 2350 S (Sprinter). After analyzing (cost, hassle, etc.) the many possibilities for a toad, we decided to carry our 2009 smart Fortwo on a trailer made for the smart car ( We plan to get the trailer with electric brakes. So, I had National Dodge install a Tekonsha Prodigy brake controller. (The hard part was finding the Sprinter connector for the controller; it was under the drivers seat.

Before installing the controller, the Dodge technician noted that trailer turn signals would only operate when the brakes on the coach were activated. He noted that this problem was the same after he hooked up the controller.

I bought a Tekonsha trailer emulator and conducted my own tests. I wont go into all the details of my test results, but I confirmed the technicians observations. I want get this fixed before I buy the trailer.

Has anyone else had this problem with his or her connector? If so, what was the fix?


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« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2010, 11:55:36 am »

I had a Sprinter based motor home previously.  I found that the best forum overall for all technical issues regarding the Sprinter 3500 motor home was the Yahoo Groups View Navion Tech Forum.  If you don't get an answer here, I suggest that forum -- it is simply the best, they answer questions quickly and are spot on with recommendations.  Or you can do a search in their vast archives re: brake controllers. 

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« Reply #2 on: May 18, 2010, 08:37:12 pm »

NC Sailors,

I strongly feel you should reconsider towing the Fortwo 4-wheels down as long as you are permitted to by Smartcar.  I see them towed, but they might be stick shift models.

We used to tow a light weight stick shift Toyota MR2 and that was so easy to manage.  Your Fortwo is 400 pounds lighter, making it better yet for 4-down towing.  You could surely get by without secondary braking.

The beauty of it is the ease of unhooking and taking off.  If you ever get into trouble like at a gas station for example, you have resolution in just seconds.  Not so if on a trailer.  That and I would be concerned for general safety.  Placing any car on any trailer is asking for trouble.  Do you really want to rely on straps for so many miles?  Picture yourself snaking down a canyon road with the car up top a trailer.  You'll have the car and trailer leaning in combination.  I wouldn't want to do it.  With the 4 car tires on the road, it will follow safely and securely.
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