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Heated holding tanks

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Heated holding tanks
« on: January 22, 2014, 07:52:52 pm »
Have been following and enjoying the forum for a number of months, so its time to jump in.
Late last year we purchased a 2012 2350 sprinter, which is currently in storage  near Chartollesville Va, where our daughter and family live.  We are in hopes of taking it out for 10 days or so mid February and trying to find someplace warmer then here in Maine.  I am not familar with how to use the holding tank heaters, should we experience colder weather.  I am under the impression they draw a lot of juice so what is the recommended procedure, primarily during the night, additionally is Content volume a consideration?
Any suggestions on a leisurely trip south from central Virgina at that time of year would also be welcomed, realizing mother nature has a lot to say about it.
Look forward to your sage advice.
Bob and Michele
Bob and Michele
Previously owned a 2350 Sprinter