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Heading out of town for a few days

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Heading out of town for a few days
« on: March 13, 2014, 04:06:11 pm »

I just went through the 400 pending applications one by one, and approved (pending activation) 18 new members!  I'm very excited to welcome new folks to our forum. Make yourselves at home.  Look around a little bit. Please be respectful of our forum rules and guidelines, which you can find pinned at the top of our forum.  They're pretty simple--don't be mean, and don't try to sell us stuff, basically.

You old-timers, please help keep an eye on things, and send me an e-mail or text me (for those of you who have my number) if you see something amiss that needs tending to while I'm gone.

Thanks so much, and have fun!!  tymote