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new vehicle

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new vehicle
« on: March 27, 2014, 11:32:31 am »
I just took delivery of my new 2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk and i have to tell you it is one super vehicle (at least so far!).   I have owned 7 Jeep products and this one is by far the best, I honestly think it drives as well as my wife's 2014 Grand Cherokee and I am having to fight her off since she likes the smaller size of the Cherokee.  It is lower to the ground compared to my Liberty CRD and therefore I should not have to utilize the hitch riser off the PC.  New Roadmanster base plate is being delivered next week so I will see how hard that is to get on.  The Cherokee is about 500 lbs lighter than the Liberty so it should tow great.  The 3.2 V-6 with the new 9 speed transmission is one snappy package.   If you have not seen this vehicle you owe it to yourself to check it out.   It is going to be a huge winner for Jeep i will bet.  The Trailhawk comes standard with the two speed transfer all other models you will have to upgrade to get the neutral lock out for all four towing.  Thanks
Ron Goodspeed



Re: new vehicle
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2014, 11:41:08 am »

I just read this to my wife, all she could say was "it's coming you know that". Some day I guess she will get one too.



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Re: new vehicle
« Reply #2 on: March 29, 2014, 07:51:23 am »
We picked up our Trailhawk two weeks ago today.  I have driven Grand Cherokees since 1995 and currently have a 2011 GC Limited all tricked out.  The Trailhawk is my wife's and she is quick to point that out and slow to let me drive it >(!  I love the Trailhawk and we got it specifically to pull behind our 2350.   Having never towed before (former Class B people) we are kind of watching and waiting and reading the various forums to see what kind of rigging folks get for the Trailhawk.  

I don't know about your area, but there is a large Jeep dealer three miles from our home and we drove fifty miles to test drive a Trailhawk and get the color that we wanted.  There are simply not that many of them around here and they don't stay on the lot long.  After we had purchased the Jeep, we were walking out the door and the salesmanager of the small town dealership hollered at us.  He came over grinning and said he just got off the phone with a dealer that had called wanting to do a dealer swap for the Trailhawk.  Too late.  That dealer was just outside of St. Louis and we were just outside of Oklahoma City, about five hundred miles away!  Fully equipped and specific colors are really tough to find as verified by our two week internet search, at least in this part of the US.   

I must say, we are now a two Jeep family and kinda hesitated about that fact but quickly got over it.  If I were personally buying a vehicle today it would be a new Cherokee instead of a Grand Cherokee.  I have owned six Jeeps and this one promises to be the best and most fun.  Still, I miss that old 4L straight six engine.   What a motor!  

You are going to love this baby.

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