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Removing refrigerator from 2551

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Re: Removing refrigerator from 2551
« Reply #15 on: April 24, 2014, 11:09:39 am »
Yes Tom Hanlon my fridge works the same way as your 3 way in the Chinook.  We do keep it on auto and for that reason it switched to DC  when the LP failed. Again this happened while we were driving when the LP failed.

The first year(2008) we had a problem with the LP, two service techs could not find the problem. It was one of those situations it worked or did not. Of course it worked for RV techs. In 2009 the problem began again on our way home from Branson. We pulled off in PA at an RV dealer that went through the whole thing and again could not find the problem.

Finally I called a guy that services at RV s at your home, he too was going nuts about it. After 1 hour he decided to pull the piezo out and took a look at it under a magnifying glass to see that was a small black dot. From this very annoying little black dot my piezo was arcing. We replaced the piezo and lived happily ever after.  I now have a magnifying glass in my tool box.

I kept that piezo for show and tell.

Thumbs up to you for your reply,
Bill Golden.       
Bill and Karen Golden