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The Border

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The Border
« on: August 02, 2014, 08:37:19 pm »
So, on our recent trip we were making our way east from St. Ignace Michigan to upstate NY and decided to take a route through Canada for a short period....from Sarnia to Niagara.

We get to the border and our Canadian Border Guy looked very bored, asked us a couple questions and waved us on.  Very easy.  Nice drive through Canada with a quick stop at one of their 'rest stops' which have full services, including pretty darn good food courts.

We get to the Niagara checkpoint and there we meet up with the US Border Patrol guy we named 'Dirty Harry'.  He looked mean, spoke with a grit in his voice and had a disconcerting twitch in his nose/mouth area.  He asked us where we were coming from.  I told him.  He then asked (well, mostly growled) where we were going to and if we stopped anywhere in Canada.  I told him.  At this point, our two Pomeranians are barking and growling like they wanted a piece of this guy.  He grunted, frowned and slowly got out of his booth and ambled alongside our rig.  There was a knock on the coach door.  I'm seriously thinking at this point 'Should we let him in??'

Joni apparently wasn't thinking what I was thinking and opened the door for him.  He appears in the doorway, stops in the stairwell and our dogs are now looking a bit sheepish.

Officer Harry then asks me the same questions he asked before.  I answer him the same way, but this time with a bit of a stutter.  He takes a long look up and down the rig and then at the dogs in their fluffy car seats.  They start wagging their tails and acting all cute and friendly.  Officer Harry breaks into a smile, pets the dogs and tells us to have a nice day.  I almost ran him over as he made his way back to his booth, and while it did look like he reached for his sidearm I don't think he actually drew his weapon. 

The dogs earned their keep for the trip.

   - Mike.



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Re: The Border
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2014, 09:53:09 pm »
Fresh-baked doggie cookies all 'round!