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5th wheel thingy

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5th wheel thingy
« on: June 19, 2014, 12:34:04 pm »
My brother in law & wifey are going to get a 5th wheel -they have a little trailer they park near Kalamazoo -  & then retire to travel a few months of the year.  I suggested they first visit the Phoenix back room to see how things are well made & talk to Earl about "good" 5th wheels made nearby.  I'm hoping if he can't get them into a PC, he at least gets them thinking about getting a PC in the future and gives them some help in their quest. 

Anybody who used to have a 5th wheel thing have any ideas for me other than telling them to quit screwing around & just get a PC & a little 4x4 to tow?


PS I thought I posted a picture of my PC on the facebook PC page and I don't see it, but, others have.  Any idea of how that works?