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Author Topic: Dog Keeper  (Read 1062 times)
« on: June 27, 2014, 05:52:38 am »

We have two little Pomeranians that love to get all tangled up in the picnic tables, chairs and each other at our campsites.  Here's what we did to solve that problem.  These umbrella stands are lightweight and you can fill them with water to weight them down.  The protrusion on the top holds the end of the leash in place very nicely.  They fit nicely in our toad, but they are small enough to fit in some of the PC storage cabinets if need be.  The dogs love it because they have free space to roam around in a 360 degree area.  They are $9.95 at Lowes.

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Great solution with a sweet price tag--thanks! ThumbsUp

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