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Recommendations for a New Phoenix

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Recommendations for a New Phoenix
« on: July 14, 2010, 03:15:36 pm »
Based on our 9-months experience with our 2350S we recommend that you test absolutely everything before you accept delivery. For example, take a trailer emulator with you to test the trailer connector. If you do not have problems with the lights fixed before delivery, you will be stuck with Phoenix blaming the chassis manufacturer and the Dealer blaming Phoenix. Our solution to our trailer light problem was to have the trailer vendor install an isolator and new 7-pin connector to get the coach and trailer lights to work together correctly.

In working on the home theater system (HTS) system recently, we discovered that the right front speaker was not connected (That’s why we could not hear any RF sound). Also, since the 19 inch Sanyo LCD TV speakers are under the TV, the sound cannot get out of the enclosure. The solution is to connect the TV audio to the HTS Aux2. That way you can hear the TV through the HTS over the din of the coach AC. We recommend that you have the factory do this before they install the TV unless you have very small hands with very long fingers. Also, they should connect the DVD player output using an HDMI cable not the RCA connectors that they used on our coach.

On our installation, the way the factory mounted the TV blocks the ports for the PC and optical cable. We recommend that you have the factory modify the TV mount and install an optical cable from the TV to the HTS. That way you can get 5.1 broadcast sound from the TV into the HTS. If necessary, get the cables at Radio Shack and send them to the factory.

We also replaced our 3-speed fan Fan-Tastic vent with the Fan-Tastic 6600 control. We bought the control kit at Camping World. It takes about an hour to install. The 6600 has more speeds, a remote control, and a rain sensor that closes the vent automatically when the rain starts. It works great. On a new coach, we would pay the differential cost to have the factory install the 6600.

We had problems with the galley drawers sliding open when we went around curves such as those on Interstate exit ramps. The solution was to install latches like those on the cabinet doors on the drawers. It was simple enough to do it ourselves but the factory should do it when they make the cabinets. Ask them to do this.

A last thing; the roof AC does not blow cold air into the bathroom when the door is closed. With the door closed it gets quite warm in the bathroom. Therefore, we added a doorstop and a door holder to keep the door open when we want it to stay open. We got brass commercial fixtures at Lowe’s that look factory-installed.
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