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Upgrading Hitch capacity

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Upgrading Hitch capacity
« on: August 17, 2010, 10:49:23 am »

We're in the early stages of RV shopping, and one of the stumbling blocks we keep hitting is that most of the units out there only come with 5,000 lb rated hitches. One of our requirements is to be able to tow a vehicle (approx 3400 lbs) on an open trailer (about 2,000 lbs). In these cases, I tend to round up so I'm shooting for a 6,000 lb tow capacity.

I understand about comparing the actual weights to the GCVW. Finding dry weights is not always easy, but from what we've seen, units like the PC that have a 20,000 GCVW probably have plenty of capacity under there to accommodate a 6k towed load (trailer would have brakes of course).

Is there any officially sanctioned upgrade to get to a higher-rated hitch? Is weight-distribution an option? The dealer we talked to indicated that they can do frame reinforcements and a hitch upgrade, but I didn't get the impression that this was officially sanctioned by the manufacturer. On the other hand, we're really shooting for a used unit (of some sort) so It's not so much about warranty as it is about performing safe modifications that aren't going to compromise the integrity of the vehicle.

We're really looking at smaller units only - just don't have the need to desire for anything over 24 feet. We started out looking at the RoadTrek's since they specify an 8100 tow rating, but after learning more (enough to be dangerous?) it seems that some, like the PC, might have the ability to keep up with that, given some structural changes.

Is this "be very afraid" territory, or common enough to pursue?