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Author Topic: Bed Support Exterior Wall, AND a Better Mouse Trap, Winterizing  (Read 996 times)
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« on: October 18, 2010, 10:35:10 pm »

As I started the winterizing process which in my 2700 required removing half of the mattress support, to gain access to the pump, I discovered the rail that held the panel was loose to the point of the entire support being the water tank.  I cut appropriate length supports from pine 2x4's (and then split in two)  and then tried the new fast cure Gorilla Glue.  Glued the new supports to the old rail underneath and to the plywood "floor" and a couple of hours later it was better than new IMO. I felt this was a necessity for the next thing I did below, since the hinge attached to the rail.

While back there I decided to piano hinge the half sheet mattress support and put a retractable stiff leg in to hold it up while using the pump and anti-freeze to winterize.
Actually makes working around that space nice, while not having to walk over or look for a place to put things, keeps the clutter to a minimum.

This may not be helpful to all but it sure will make my life easier on a 2700 two slide.

L. G.

P. S. Don't forget to blow the water out of the tank flush valving and inlet port when winterizing.  I did not blow it out last year and did this year, and was very surprised at the amount of water trapped in that system.
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