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Author Topic: Alignment  (Read 1626 times)
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« on: November 03, 2010, 08:44:33 pm »

After about 15K miles I noticed significant feathering on the front tires. My tire guys told me I needed it aligned and that I should replace the tires. The left was not too bad, so I switched left to right and put the new spare on the left as I had it aligned. On the Ford E350 that is a PITA since you have to keep switching out eccentric bushings on a trial and error basis. There was no sign this had been done before so I am willing to bet that Ford sets it at the factory, PC adds the motor home body and no one bothers to reset it with the extra weight in the back.

As an intereting side note, the spare wheel had a different outer flange than the wheels on the ground and the Wagon Master beauty ring protruded about 1/4" and rattled around. I had to replace two of the collared lug nuts with ground down tapered ones and big washers to make it fit properly. Thread engagement was not affected so I judged it safe, in case you are wondering.

Bill (Retired Mech/Aircraft Engineer)
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« Reply #1 on: November 04, 2010, 02:22:52 pm »

Interesting story about the spare tire.  I never used mine so I don't know what I have.

Speaking of the front end alignment......and more.

With only 800 miles on ours, I had the following done by a motor home/truck specialty shop.

- front wheel alignment
    This done with the vehicle loaded as if on a trip. (needed offset bushings to get it right)

- heavy duty front stabilizer bar
    The Ford bar is near ineffective given the weight of a motor home

- heavy duty rear stabilizer bar
    There is NO rear stabilizer bar on a pre-2008 Ford E350 chassis

- rear trac bar (ideal when towing)
    This thing stabilizes the rear of the RV, preventing side-to-side horizontal motion

- Koni-RV shocks all around, set to the stiffest setting
    The factory shocks are inferior.  They are the same ones installed  on a standard E250 van.

- Front Safe-T-Plus steering stabilizer, replacing the stock one.  Like the shocks, it is inferior.

Our 2007 2350 handles like a dream, towing or not.
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