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Satellite radio/WiFi 26"LCD TV

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Satellite radio/WiFi 26"LCD TV
« on: February 21, 2011, 07:42:49 pm »
Hi Guys, I'm newbie Chris, well, new to Phoenix Cruiser RV's and our PC2700 has just been started and due to be finished end of April. My first question is "what is the standard radio on the Ford E-450 chassis and is it satellite compatible or do I have to purchase the in line box from Sirius?. I know I have to get an antenna and have found a bolt down marine version. Second question  - is the standard LCD 26" tv WiFi compatible for downloading Netflix movies or should it be replaced or add a Roku box?
Would appreciate constructive replies.
Chris & Monica.



Re: Satellite radio/WiFi 26"LCD TV
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2011, 06:42:13 am »
Welcome Chris,

    The radio that Phoenix uses is the base Ford radio which does not have satellite in it. The TV and the DVD player (not BluRay) has been made by Samsung for the past two years. They are not internet ready. If you want to upgrade either the radio, TV or DVD player, I would suggest you call Stuart at the factory now, assuming you bought factory direct. He will check out what is available and how much extra it cost. If you want something special installed, they generally allow you to ship it to them and they will install it. Then it will be installed in place of the standard equipment.

Your comment "Would appreciate constructive replies." is not required on this forum as you will find everyone here is very friendly and very helpful. This is the best forum I have ever come across.  ;)
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Re: Satellite radio/WiFi 26"LCD TV
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2011, 08:19:01 am »
Chris and Monica,

If I were ordering a new Phoenix Cruiser 2700, I would "Special Request" some things which the factory will do for you at minimal cost.

- reinforce the window shade string pegs
- add a battery compartment shield (assuming the battery compartment is adjacent to the rear tires)
- add 1 or 2 additional porch lights along the side of the motor home for improved and "even" lighting to eliminate glare and shadowing of your campsite.  If you determine it is simply too much light, then install lower wattage bulbs to retain the "even" distribution of lighting.  I also question the location of the primary porch light.  It is right by the door.  When there is a swarm of bugs, you let them all inside because the light is right there.  I would ask the factory to place one porch light to the right of the door hinge, and another light 3 feet to the left of the door.  They place the light as is to light-up the step, but I think two lights placed as I described would still do well for that, but keep the bugs far enough from the door.
- add a separate switched pair of rear porch lights to aid at night when dealing with a tow vehicle or bikes on a hitch rack.  It also would greatly help when backing up at night.  The RV backup lights are good, but more light would be much better.  It also provides additional night lighting around your campsite if so desired.

The battery shield and shade reinforcements can be seen in my "Tips & Tricks" article HERE.

For us personally....this one is debatable....I special requested the roof rack and ladder NOT be installed as seen HERE.  Instead I had the factory place those things inside the motor home.  They are in my attic at home if I ever changed my mind, but so far, I am very happy NOT to have them.  Without those things, my roof has many less holes in it, my rear wall is clean, and my rear storage is always handy.  I would never place items on the roof, and I would never use the ladder because it is flimsey and will eventually create stress cracks in the rear fiberglass wall.  I use a step ladder when at home.  Others have opposing opinions.

Given the very limited use of the roof top antenna, I wished I had done the same.  When we are in remote locations, there is no digital signal.  When we are close to a signal, we are in private camp grounds where there is cable TV.  So then what good is that thing on the roof?  It just rattles up there with added holes and blobs of caulk in my nice B+ cap.  We do love to watch movies so we bring a good collection from home which is why we appreciate the 2 TVs in our 2350.

I also would recommend the factory NOT install any eyelets or hangers in the rear most storage compartment.  I removed the eyelets and bunge cords and wished I could relocate the hangers to improve on space efficiency.  So now I have unwanted holes in the back wall there.  I bought a real nice folding table that fits perfect in there which works great with lawn chairs.  It is for two people.  You can see that in the same Tips & Tricks article.

Some people do not like the coffee maker and delete that to utilize the under-sink space for a garbage can, but we love our coffee maker there.

I don't know if the factory offers these, but be sure to ask about a small color matching awnings for the windows in your slide outs.

Others may chime in and offer more advise on things to consider.
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