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Author Topic: Newbie: And I'd like some advice (Thanks in advance!!)  (Read 934 times)

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« on: March 01, 2011, 10:38:00 pm »

(Please read my recent "about me" post.) 

My wife and I are planning a trip from Phoenix to the East Coast, spending a lot of time reuniting with friends and family there.  While on the East Coast, we will also take a several week trip to Europe.  We're interested in making the U.S. portion of the trip in our own RV, because we are taking our 'special needs' pup with us (he will stay with friends while we're traveling abroad), and because we want to stop at several sites along the trip to visit.  Our only experience with RVing is with our friends who have a huge Class A motor coach.  It's very nice, but is like traveling on an expensive Greyhound.  I'm a bit intimidated with that size RV.

After exploring the rental costs of an RV for our trip (North of $6,000 for rental and mileage fees), we thought it might make more sense to buy a used RV that suits our needs for the trip.  We figured, even if we did not like the experience, we would lose less than the rental/mileage fee cost if we bought an RV, then sold it off after our trip.  (My bet is that once we're done, we're going to really like the experience and will want to do more exploring!).  At any rate, what do any of you think about this idea? 

That's question number one.

Here are a few more thoughts/questions:

There are just the two of us, and our dog.  What is the best PC floor layout in your mind for us?  (We do not expect or want additional travelers.)

We like the Phoenix Cruiser because it's the right size, and has a ton of Class A upgrades for such a small chassis.  But to get a PC with a queen size bed you can walk around means at least a 29 footer, right?   Or are there other options we need to look for?

We're also looking at a short timeframe to buy - our trip starts in late April.  What are our options, given that relatively short timeframe?

I'm sure I've forgotten several questions, and missed many more.  If you've thought of them (and the answers too!) please send them along.  Any help is VERY appreciated!!!

Gordon and Margot
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« Reply #1 on: March 01, 2011, 11:37:07 pm »

But to get a PC with a queen size bed you can walk around means at least a 29 footer, right?   Or are there other options we need to look for?
Hi GordonH,  If you are very good at floorplan design, I advise you sketch something up, a short motorhome with a walk-around queen bed, present it to Kermit Fisher (the fellow who owns Phoenix USA) and see if they can make you something special.  They have done that before, just recently, creating model 2552 for someone at a cost premium over the standard 2551 of $3000.  The factory is more creative during the November/December time of year as that is their slowest time in filling orders.

I do think the shortest walk-around queen bed offered today is 29'-8".

I've wondered if they could make a short rear queen bed model, starting with a 2700, delete the rear slide, and place a queen bed in the space of the double bed.  Yes the one person would have to climb over the other like is done in the 2350, but at least offering a huge open area to easily manuver in.  That takes off 2'-7" in over-all length, getting it down to 27'-1" long.

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« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2011, 08:01:50 am »


Welcome Gordon,

    What you might want to do is to go to the home page and look at the different models and their floor plans. Then look at the inventory, both new and used. Then call Stuart at the factory and ask him what he has coming in this month or early April. I see a used 2350 already listed. It does not seem to have a TV, but it has the antenna. You could ask Stuart what it would cost for them to add the TV. Stuart is very up front with all of us and a great guy to work with.

    As for telling you which floor plan you need, that is impossible because we all think differently. I can not make up my own mind about what size is the best. The best is the one I have right now. I have had six motorhomes, 26', 34', 28', 21', 35' and now Phoenix (2350) 23', both class A, B+ & C. For parking and long term living in them the larger ones are better, for touring and being able to go anywhere the shorter the better. You will even see a lively discussion about slide outs on here. It is up to you. You do not say what the special needs, the breed or size of your pup is, it could make a difference on floor plans. We travel with two large dogs (85lbs lab & 125lbs German Shepard) and need the slide for the floor space for them. We use both the rear bed and the sofa bed at night, much like we would do if we had twin beds.

    Good luck on your hunt and if you have any more questions, please ask away. The folks on here are all very nice and more than willing to help each other.  ThumbsUp

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