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Atlin, BC

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Atlin, BC
« on: August 04, 2013, 07:06:48 pm »
This trip was on our return to Canada after traveling throughout Alaska in the summer of 2007. We decided that Atlin would be our first stop in BC before heading South. 60 miles on an unpaved road, but well worth the trip. We took this side trip during our almost 5 months tour of Canada and Alaska. Maybe something up in the Northwest Territories would be as far out in the "boonies"; but I doubt it. We pulled our 5ver, but quickly wished we had a TC or PC for all the possible turn-offs. Atlin was a unique town with a small private campground on Atlin Lake. They have this old ship in dry dock that used to carry the tourists to Atlin back in the 20's before the "dirt" road was built. I believe they nicknamed it "Noah's Ark". Met a great couple from Vancouver that had a TC and camped on a spit running out into the lake. We also met a couple from Australia that had rented a TC for 3 weeks to tour Canada and ended up in Atlin. We camped on the shores of Atlin Lake which I believe is the largest freshwater lake in BC. The town pumped their water from the lake and they had posted signs warning about drinking it-don't think it passed inspection(all the locals drank it). In this small town, stuck in the 50's, they had a gourmet cooking school that served dinner for $5 twice a week. They used to be a mining town and some time in the past they had painted this large rock a gold color and proclaimed it as the largest nugget ever found in Canada. It was definitely a trip to remember!
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