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Re: Oil
« Reply #15 on: August 12, 2011, 07:26:36 pm »
There is an interesting comment on "oil myths" on Valvolines web site about viscostiy and color of oil and suitability for continued running/use.

I have done similar to Awilson in the trannys of motorhomes and pickups pulling trailers.  Drain as much as possible and replace exactly the same amount ( used a calibrated bucket to figure out how much to put back.  I always did it hot and finally pulled a tranny pan at 60K miles, on my second pickup, and the filter had nothing on or in it so I quit changing the filters and got away from that nasty mess.  Most transmission filters are very fine SS mesh so they don't plug as bad as paper does.
Only have 15K on my PC so haven't even checked to see what the transmission set-up is like, but I think from the manual it has an external filter, might change that if true.  Fluid is red and doesn't smell so at my age that is pretty much the definition of OKAY.
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