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ans. from folks about tv/sealants/leak

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ans. from folks about tv/sealants/leak
« on: July 05, 2009, 06:22:13 am »
thank you aimee, geomusic, and terri for the responses to my queries-they certainly helped.

now for the embarrassing part.  seems when i described the leak i was experiencing, i said it was on the RIGHT side when facing the FRONT of the rv.  NOT!  it actually IS on the right side but it's when you are standing outside facing the rv from the rear.

to recap:  a leak, which seems to wend it's way down from the room somewhere makes it all the way down (the back wall we think) to the large storage hold on that side sometimes actually pooling in there.  had a friend help with resealing (after running water from a hose for hours at a time and thinking we had found it.)  it actually wet the corner of the wall and the mattress corner on the way down.  very puzzling.  originally thought it was leaking into the storage hold door/hatch but not the case.  we can see the leak beginning on the left side in the hold area (as you are facing looking in) kinda creeping slowly from under the side carpet.  i have taken the floor piece out so we could see better.)

after we thought we had identified most of the leak, i then scrunched my ladder near the top and kinda pulled the poles from the roof a little.  temporarily patched that and now have a new ladder piece from the phoenix factory that will be put on with some of the dicor self leveling stuff (suggested by geomusic).  don't think that is the problem as had it before the  "scrunch" but we'll see. 

i did finally talked with someone ("Bob") at the factory who was very patient and helpful.  also said i could bring it out there anytime and they would find the leak and fix it for me.  i'd go today however, i'm in maine and it's a looong way. lol 

again, thanks!  connie b.

Re: ans. from folks about tv/sealants/leak
« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2009, 10:56:03 pm »
I believe the only way for the water to get in is around the rear window, around the rear fiberglas cap where it joins to the roof, past the ladder mounts, or past the seals for the storage compartments.  I mean if they are all sealed correctly you should have no leaks.  I agree that you should check for any leak spot in those areas, primarily where the cap joins the roof or around the ladder mounts, and try to reseal the area with the proper sealant.  These areas seem most logical since your leaks come down the wall.  The rear window is also a logical area, but can probably only be visually inspected.  For puddling in the rear storage compartment on the passenger side of the RV, check your water pump.  I found the screws that attach the water pump to the electric motor loosened after a few years.  I tightened them all again, just slightly, and the puddling stopped.