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Author Topic: Ventura & Oxnard for Cool Breeze Centure bicycle ride  (Read 971 times)
« on: August 29, 2011, 05:56:01 pm »

Departed late on a Thursday afternoon from Phoenix in mid-August (I've got to stop loading up the PC in the heat AND get a 30a receptacle in the garage!) & headed west along I-10 for Blythe in order to get some of the mileage out of the way.  Topped of the gas tank in Ehrenberg before crossing the river into Cali; saving nearly 40 cents/gal.  Pulled into the Mayflower SP ~4mi or so N along the Colo R off the Hwy.  They've done a good bit of work on the entrance & maintenance facilities & we were told that there is already bond $ set aside to address the original rest room/showers & boat ramp as well.  It wd/be great if they could also do a bit of work on the actual sites as they are nothing more than parking lot style on grass/dirt w/a rail at the end.  But, you get what you pay for & it was only $25/night w/elec & water.  We parked cross-wise along 3 spots w/blessing of camp host due to low occupancy (not many crazy folks willing to endure the >100 degree heat).  A/C cranked all night!  Got moving @ O-dark-thirty Friday morning;  GoodMorning  Coffee stopped at Hadley's Fruit Orchard near Palm Springs for 2 delicious date shakes & some almond covered dates for the road.   Yahoo! Fought Friday traffic north & west of LA until we arrived in front of our host's home in Oxnard @ ~ 2:30p.  Long day!  Even though host indicated it was ok to park in front, we only ran generator when lawn crew was making equivalent noise outside & generally made ourselves scarce (no antenna up, subdued lighting, no awning, no ground matt outside the door, no slide out).  The actual metric century bike ride on Saturday was fantastic!  The high temperature was ~71 & most of the route was right along the coast.  On the way back to the RV we stopped at 3 or so roadside fruit/veggie stands but thethings we wanted (avacados) were apparently already out os season this yr.  Last yr the were 10 for $1!!!   Eat Barbecued at hosts yard w/teammates for a wonderful "recovery" meal  Cheers before retiring early.  OfftoBed  Another O-dark-thirty start on Sunday  GoodMorning  Coffee & this time it was clear sailing through La La land.  Took a break just past Whitewater, switched drivers & also realized that our coach battery was draining down - 1st time we'd ever seen anything but Green on the battery condition lights - but we'd been self-contained for 3 days & only 1 brief generator run!  We did leave the inverter on o-night & that probably did the majority of the draining as we consciously did not use any of the higher power stuff.  Guess I thought the cab engine would at least get everything back into condition while driving.   shrug  Got home ok & plugged in to 15a right away while we were unloading.  Took it over to its garage & dumped & drained while also plugged in.  Got it tucked away in the garage until next w/e trip (Sep 11th - McDowell Mt Park?) and everything seems fine.
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