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hooking up converter box to analog tv

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hooking up converter box to analog tv
« on: June 21, 2009, 10:37:17 am »
hello forum-i wrote earlier and asked about hooking up a converter box so i could get my old tv back again (actually aimee sent my message for me).   Mr. Ditmer was very helpful in his reply and this non-techie type person managed to get the job done.  seems i did not have to take out the old tv and did manage to get the dvd/receiver out although it was difficult as there was a lot of velcro in there.  (that baby wouldn't have moved in a rollover by the way.  lol)

anyway, i did hook up the dvd with surround sound coming thru the whole system.  then decided to temporarily just hook up the tv directly by extending the tv antennae but am able to hook up the whole system again very easily as i left connections available when i put the dvd player back in its slot.  the directions that came with the tv converter box were very good and i was able to understand "most" of it.  i'm thinking there are more ways than one to use this box but in my case now, i use the tv clikker to put the tv on and off and for the volume.  i use the converter clikker to turn the box of and on, to change channels, and to scan for chanels in whatever area i may be in.  the tv needs to be on channel 3 in my case.

now one more question for anyone out there, still unable to get my tv out if i wanted to, say if i buy a new one.  i have a 2006 25.5 with a padded cover around 3 sides of the set a "u" shaped on both side and the bottom.  do i yank/snap/pop it out?  i tried looking in the cabinets on the side but didn't look like i could get there from that angle.  thanks for any assist.  connie b.

Re: hooking up converter box to analog tv
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2009, 10:32:32 pm »
I had a 20 inch TV with a CRT in my 2004 PC 2350 that I replaced with a 22 inch high definition LCD TV.  The heavy old CRT TV was not attached in the front, but had plastic straps with snap buckles on each side in the back.  Once I was able to unsnap the buckles, the straps pulled out of the buckles and the TV became loose.  Look for thin straps about a half-inch wide.  You might need a screwdriver to pry the buckles loose.