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« Reply #945 on: January 14, 2017, 12:46:01 pm »

I think others have covered your questions well but I'll chime in on these two.
And being a somewhat skeptical type, I find this one to be, well frankly, remarkable.  Is it really possible that nearly all comments are positive and the company provides this kind of quality control and after sale service?  I'm not suggesting that negative comments are scrubbed, I just find it curious.  Very refreshing, but curious ;-)
When I was deciding I also did a lot of research, mostly looking for negative comments.  And for most brands there is a long list.  But after an exhaustive search I found one complaint for Phoenix.  And that from a person who to be polite can only be described as having some personal issues.  And I don't think this forum is scrubbed, since I spent most of my research time elsewhere not really trusting manufacturer hosted forums.  So yes, they do care and they will do their level best to keep customers happy.  That is partly because they are a small business and you can actually call up and talk to the owner.  I owned my own business for 30 years and when your name is on the building it is a lot different than just a job.  The company's reputation is also your personal reputation.
The other thing to consider is that while Phoenix is going to warranty their work, most of the things that go wrong in an RV are not Phoenix items but rather will be warranted by the manufacturer.  The truck is Ford, the furnace is Dometic, the refrigerator is Norcold and so on.  Phoenix seems to go above and beyond to help but ultimately if the furnace goes under warranty that is covered by the manufacturer.  RV builders are mostly assemblers of parts after you get beyond the frame design.  And that is one place Phoenix wins big, they have a very good frame and shell design.  As long as that stays sounds everything else is just parts.

One of the major draws to the PC is that it appears they will try to modify the interior, which is huge for me.  And all of the problems that seem to prevail with horrible dealerships.  Though warranty work is a bit of a concern with direct buy.  
That was in fact the thing that drew them to my attention initially.  We looked at a number of brands at several shows and being able to customize our rig to fit our needs was a major factor in our decision.  Our coach is still on the line, but I'm getting pictures from Kyle and things look good.  It will be unique and Earl and Kermit were very willing to work with us to make the way we wanted.  Within limits of course:)
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