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Scheduled Ford service

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Re: vehicle manuals Was: Scheduled Ford service
« Reply #30 on: July 21, 2012, 04:38:14 pm »
Hi Folks,

Since the west coast get-together earlier in the year, I was inspired to research towing our 2009 Honda FIT with all four wheels down.  Our owner's manual said "no more than 30 MPH for no more than 3 hours" - useless.  But three other owners were towing theirs!  I checked page-by-page with Dale in Washington, and his manual said "no more than 55 MPH for as long as you like".  But the page numbers didn't match our manual.

Turns out that Honda revised the manual!  Ours has a "-001" part number on the back, while the current version, verified at the Honda dealer, is version "-003".  The newer manual is about 50% bigger than the one we started with.  Fortunately when I ordered one on the 'Net, it was the newer version.

So, now we have a tow-bar and I will soon be installing the bracket kit on the Honda.  I'm going to hire the shop to do the wiring, though!

Thanks for your patience, Dale!

Bill and Diane
Bill Cox and Diane Puntenney