Based in Elkhart, IN, Phoenix USA was incorporated in 1996 by a group of employees with a vision towards producing the most innovative Class B Motorhomes in the marketplace. In 1997, the management of Phoenix USA saw a need for a model that was a littler larger than the Class B Motorhome.

By Spring 2009, RV Dealers around the country were facing the insurmountable crisis of not being able to get bank financing. Phoenix responded to the Great Recession with a pioneering decision to sell units to the public directly from the factory. This bold move allowed Phoenix to help people realize the camping dreams they’d planned for, at a savings of up to $10,000-$15,000.

To this day, we are committed to providing unmatched quality and value to our customers directly from the Elkhart factory. In 2019, we responded to the market demand for more access to our product and began working with select dealers to represent us as our factory outlet stores. All pricing remains the same at all locations – whether you come to visit us in Elkhart or choose to visit one of the authorized factory outlet locations to make your purchase.

At Phoenix USA, we take a lot of pride in setting a standard of excellence for compact motorhomes. We go the extra mile in providing standard equipment not found on competitive units. We pay attention to the small details as we craft each unit. This creates a superior product and is one reason why we have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

If you would like to see current inventory of our product you may visit us at the following locations

Phoenix USA RV Factory Store, Elkhart, IN

 Campers Inn- Acworth, GA    •    Campers Inn- Fredericksburg, VA

Campers Inn- Kingston, NH    •    Campers Inn- Jacksonville, FL    •    Campers Inn- Leesburg, FL

Campers Inn- Raleigh, NC    •    Campers Inn- Union, CT

Campers Inn Philadelphia, PA


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