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Title: Cover for storage
Post by: dickreid1 on August 13, 2012, 06:53:21 pm
My web search for cover suitable for my 2910 produced nothing in Class C and none long enough in Class B.  Class B+ does not seem to be cover something manufacturers recognize.

Hopefully I have missed something. Input appreciated.
Title: Re: Cover for storage
Post by: dickreid1 on August 15, 2012, 07:47:59 pm
Ok. Let me answer this with information I got from an ADCO rep in response to my email. 

He says there is no B+ cover off the shelf.  One has to be custom made... about $1300 - $1400 for Sunbrella with 6 year warranty.  He recommends the model 32815 Class C for 29 to 32 foot long motor-homes.  You would need to tuck the excess for the overhead cab underneath and strap it down.

The cover is made of Tyvek with a two year warranty not including sun damage. In The current Good Sam magazine they have an infomercial about ADCO which spells out two years as the life to expect from the stock Tyvek covers.  The ADCO rep suggested to buy the $430 cover from Camping World along with a four year insurance warranty that covers sun damage (that starts at date of sale!). That way you get the second cover for $120.

The response from Calmark Covers basically said only the Sunbrella fabric was good for RV covers  Their experience with all the other fabrics was bad so they only make custom Sunbrella covers at $32 per foot or about $1000 delivered for my 31 ft 2910. Warranty is 6 years.

Title: Re: Cover for storage
Post by: GoPhoenix on August 16, 2012, 07:51:25 am
I bought a Class C cover, the size recommended by Camping World for my previous 29ft PC.  It looked like my overcoat on my 10 year-old grandson.  Went with it anyway, strapping it down as tightly as possible.  After a very windy storm, it was torn and basically useless.  Fortunately, Camping World took it back for a full refund.  If you really want one, Id special order it.
Title: Re: Cover for storage
Post by: classact on August 16, 2012, 04:29:44 pm
Keeping your RV covered is a big help in preventing deterioration from UV rays, not be mention keeping other weather elements off of it - ice, rain, show, etc.   We went through several off-the-shelf ADCO coveres before we wised up and built an RV Port.  None of the stock covers fit a class B appropriately - as was already mentioned, you'll have to get creative in dealing with the significant amount of extra material present for what would normally cover the overhead cab area of a class C. 

If you're going to spend over $1k for a custom made cover that will last, at best, several years, why not put that money toward a permanent structure.  It is, without question, the best investment we have made with regard to protecting our RV.     I realize this is subject to codes in your neighborhood, space available, and other issues. But if you can, I highly recommend it.   Our RV port cost around $5.5k and stands 13 ft tall, 14 ft. wide, and 35 feet long.  The height leaves room for me to access the roof of the RV for maintenance, cleaning, etc.  You've spent something in the range of 100k on an RV - spending another $5-7.5k to keep it out of the elements was an easy decision for us. 

With the RV Port, we can keep the unit plugged to shore power and have the AC running, and fridge/freezer cooling down while preparing for a trip (something you can't do w/ a cover on the unit).   You can also do maintenance on the unit while it's protected from the elements.  Another nice thing - it stays much cleaner than with a fabric cover.  Lastly - no lugging a heavy cover up to the roof and unfolding it / teasing it down the sides / securing it w/ cords and rope.  I found that I would often leave the unit uncovered for a few weeks if we were about to take another trip soon instead of covering it, because of the hassle of installing the cover.

And if/when you sell your home, a prospective buyer will no doubt find an RV Port an attractive feature under which to store whatever toy they  might have.
Title: Re: Cover for storage
Post by: Denny & Barb on August 16, 2012, 05:06:39 pm
I agree... as I spent $2200 for a nice carport installed on my property that houses my RV and pickup.
Title: Re: Cover for storage
Post by: dickreid1 on August 16, 2012, 07:32:04 pm
GoPhoenix, You confirm what I thought the ADCO cover would be like.
ClassAct and Denny, I only wish I had the space for a covered area.  As it is, I had to cut part of the eave away to make clearance just to park at the side of the house.  Getting permits from the city was interesting too.
I think a custom Sunbrella cover is the only real possibility for fit, durability and access.
Still musing on what else might work.
Title: Re: Cover for storage
Post by: classact on August 17, 2012, 04:20:13 pm
Any cover is better than no cover, for sure.  Good luck.  I think Sunbrella make a pretty decent product.