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Title: Bolts in the Floor
Post by: GeorgeB on October 17, 2012, 11:02:04 am

About 2 months into the familiarization with RV lifestyle and the PC coach in particular.  This is a 4 yr old 2551 w/ slide.  It has the convertible couch in the slide.  When in couch mode (?), there are 2 bolts in the floor, one just in front about in the middle, the other on the driver's end of the couch just at the edge of the slide out.  The flooring is vinyl, and is cut-out around the bolts.  The top of the bolt is slightly above the level of the surrounding vinyl.  We think there used to be carpet on the floor, but was removed sometime in the past.

I'd like to remove these bolts, but have no idea what might fall off if I do!   :)

And once removed, is there a way to fill in the vinyl but still be able to find the holes some day in the future in case they're needed?  I did find a suggestion for repairing vinyl gouges (Seamfil), which I might try, and I suspect that would make the the patched area obvious.  But would welcome any other suggestions here.

We just recently purchased 2 Spiderlegs ( laptop tables, and that bolt interferes with the table bottom.  And some of us don't like stepping on the bolts. 

Thanks in advance for any help,

Title: Re: Bolts in the Floor
Post by: Ron Dittmer on October 17, 2012, 11:34:47 am
George, I am not very familiar with your specific coach, but you describe the area above the generator.  Those bolts might be anchoring the generator mounting brackets.  If this is true, one consideration would be to install wood flooring.  The top of the raised floor might be higher than the bolts, or flush where a decorative plug would do the trick.  If it is a close call, I would tighten the bolts and then grind them down 10 to 20% to tweek them to a height that works.  But DO NOT over-grind.  I am talking just a little bit could be allowed and still be 100% safe.

Just thoughts here from me, not hard recommendations.  I assume the slideout could be adjusted to the new floor height, but I really have no clue how the factory handles this for their wood floor installations.
Title: Re: Bolts in the Floor
Post by: TomHanlon on October 17, 2012, 01:56:45 pm
I would suggest you call the factory and ask them what they are attached to. The folks at the factory are always very helpful with helping their customers, be it orignal owners or second owners. The number is 877-754-8535.
Title: Re: Bolts in the Floor
Post by: backroadcruiser on October 17, 2012, 06:16:18 pm
Before doing anything there, take a digital photo or 2 and email it to the company,, attention Kermit, so that he can see the problem and tell you exactly what the bolts are for and how to fix the problem

I have done this in the past and they helped me out.

Also, follow Tom's idea with a phone call, removing the bolts may lead a nice generator in your driveway

Bill Golden
Title: Re: Bolts in the Floor
Post by: GeorgeB on October 17, 2012, 07:01:27 pm
Thanks everyone for the replies.  My next step will be to contact the factory.

Ron:  these bolts are suspiciously near where the generator would be, so may indeed be part of that framework.  If so, it's a shame it's in the middle of the vinyl, which is actually in excellent condition, we like the color/pattern, so don't want to cover it over.  Grinding may be something to consider if it gets too bothersome.  Thanks.

Thanks again all, being full-time total novices we'll be back with more questions.  (Still slogging thru the previous posts on the forums here.)