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Title: Water heater problem please help!
Post by: Les on March 12, 2010, 03:44:43 pm
I had several water problems in my '05 2550 PC first was brass water hose conector or white plastic water drain, one of them leaked badly and left lots of water on my floors over night , drying carpets and try to figured out was peoblem , hoses are tight fit and very little space to work with clamping hose hardware , I am sure one of you ran in to same problem, Anyway, thsi is done and seems everything is in good order and dry.
Now I ran in to the hot water problem! when I use LP gas and turn the swith on to get hot water, ouside the box igniter will start up and sty for about 5 second than shots itsel off, than trying to ignite again. I sopke with service guys in Camoping World and before I buy spar parts gentelman said to mak e sure gap in the igniter rod is no more dan nickel width so I bend it becouse I had doule that size gap! I turned on and igniter satarted and sayed on! man, that was good news ! if i could get the hot water out of it, no hot water , it only did one time ! and back to the short 5 seconds intervals.
Called Kermit and he said I need new igniter combo ( i forgot that name of igniter and other part? ) anyway, I do not have combo ? there is only igniter and you snap loose screw and snap it electric cable out to replace.
Camping World guy said that I might need igniter and two sensors to go with it ( thay work together controling flame etc) I do not undestand water haeter thing sorry!
Anyway, wanted to ask memebers if they had same problem and what parts did they ened up replacing?
I check the water tem and have to say it was about 2 F warmer than cold water , but still not warm at all!
I live about 60 miles one way to close RV service and want to see if I can save some cash and fix it myself.

Wife is upsed and wong go camping with out hot water so I need to step on it and fix it.

Thanks all for all your time and tips might have it.
Title: Re: Water heater problem please help!
Post by: Les on March 12, 2010, 05:24:58 pm
Thsi is what I found out & googled about igniter sensor combo, I better replace both of them and go from there..

The module needs proof that the flame has been established. This is done either thru a flame sensor built into the ignitor [local sense] or a separate flame rod somewhere around the burner[remote sense]. What actually happens is the flame is used to conduct a very small current to ground which proves the flame. The flame is conducting electricity which how the module knows the flame has been established. Over time the flame sensing rod gets a coating on it which interferes with the flame sense circuit. Cleaning or replacing the flame rod is the solution. If it's part of the ignitor, smply replace the ignitor. If it's s remote sense flame rod, try cleaning it but also check the ceramic closely for a crack. My experience has been that the modules are either go or no go, rarely intermittent.