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Title: Optional Ford V-8
Post by: gl1500 on October 22, 2013, 05:33:53 pm
Did anybody notice on one of Earls videos he says there is also available a Ford V-8 engine.  I wonder if is the new Ford, supposedly with better fuel mileage and power similar to the V-10.
Title: Re: Optional Ford V-8
Post by: randallandchris on October 23, 2013, 06:09:51 am
Earl replied to my inquiry of V8 availability mid-Sept.:

"I have sold a couple of V-8 Ford chassis 2 months ago but I don’t have any chassis now. I may be able to get some more if that is what you want."

So probably speaking of the 5.4 L which should be sufficient for the E350 models but would love to hear from actual owner experience.

Title: Re: Optional Ford V-8
Post by: Ron Dittmer on October 23, 2013, 07:26:41 am
This topic interests me.

I've always wondered if the 5.4L-V8 engine would have been benefitial for us with our 2350.  It's lightly questionable only because we tow a 4300 pound vehicle most of the time.  Even so, the V8 might be adequate.  Going solo our 2350 with V10 feels like over-kill.  I don't know our top speed but it wouldn't surprise me if we could get beyond 100 mph.  If we were to get a 2100, no doubt about it, I would want the V8.  It will save $1000 in the purchase price.  I'd rather have more PC upgrades than excess power and lower mpg.  Supposedly the V8 will improve fuel economy by 10% for the right application.  I don't believe the same applies to the E450 given the heavier load.  But then again, maybe the 2551 and 2552 may benefit.

I suppose I feel this way about it because of our history with motor homes.  We owned a Toyota chassis motor home for 24 years with a carbureted 2.4L-L4 engine that was a real slug.  All Toyota chassis at the time were California emissions equipped yielding only 96 hp.  Empty with the pedal to the metal, top speed was 78 mph.  Loaded up with people and gear with conservative driving practices, you can imagine how sluggish it was.  57 mph was our sweet spot in speed limit.  We consistently averaged just over 20 mpg on trips but we did have to take our time getting everywhere.  Driving 24 hours a day across the plains made it work.  But those days are done.  You can see pics of our old Toyota rig HERE (

Many delivery trucks built on the E450 are equipped with the 5.4L-V8 so it can't be detrimental to any motor home.  I imagine it's more a matter of performance.  Still I'd want the V10 in a longer PC.
Title: Re: Optional Ford V-8
Post by: Sparky on October 24, 2013, 08:42:51 am
 Ron that thing is ugly Toyota haha just kidding,,, you must have thought you went to heaven when you switched to the 2350 I bet. I read lots of your post regarding the 350/450 etc,,, if (maybe someday) I ever buy a new unit I think I would do some customizing like you did regarding the chassis etc,, since I think we will always be part time Rvers,,, I would always stay with a smaller unit 22 to 25ft,,,,  every once and awhile I think about going full time for a year or two, but would have to have a lot bigger rig, would be heck of way to see the country though,, family obligations prevent that right now, (parent) but sometimes you wonder would that be fun
Title: Re: Optional Ford V-8
Post by: Ron Dittmer on October 24, 2013, 10:29:59 am
Sparky, We went on a 31 day vacation last August.  At the end, neither of us wanted to head back home.  We were very comfortable in our 2350 for the entire trip, lacking nothing.  I think our larger 3-drawer galley helped a lot with that because our operational efficiency increased dramatically.  We both wondered if we cashed out of our house and contents that we could full-time in the 2350.  It is a serious change in life style.  The things we would miss most is our relationships with family, friends, and with our church.  We are both very active there.  Then there is the "job" thing.  We're doing our best to prepare for retirement but just not there yet with funds.  At age 55, we still have time.  Every year counts big now.
Title: Re: Optional Ford V-8
Post by: GoPhoenix on October 25, 2013, 12:59:31 pm
Like Ron, we also had a Toyota based motorhome (used); the dealer called it a Micro-Mini.  It was our first motor home after camping in tents and a popup.  The manufacturer was EZ Ryder out of California.  In all the time we camped in it, never saw another one.  Four cylinders – underpowered, but never had any serious problems with it.   And it had all the bells and whistles for the time, including a 3-way fridge.  Bed-over-cab, rear bath and dinette.  Following that, a Class A (Mallard -sold it after an Alaska trip); a bigger Class A (Southwind); a PC (2900); and now our second PC (3100) – and last RV.  Pic of the EZ Ryder attached.
Title: Re: Optional Ford V-8
Post by: Ron Dittmer on October 25, 2013, 01:29:51 pm
GoPhoeinx was going in style from the start.  :)

About that Toyota of yours, what year was the chassis with 2.4L-L4, did it have fuel injection or a carb, automatic or manual, and did it have true dual rear wheels or was it the older goofy dangerous design like we originally had?  We later changed the rear axle to the true dually design via a "Partial" Toyota recall.

Our rig weighed only 3600 pounds plus what we added in people, food, and gear.  What did yours weigh?
Title: Re: Optional Ford V-8
Post by: GoPhoenix on October 26, 2013, 07:13:51 am
Well, that was over 20 years ago, and don’t remember all that info.  Some of the synapses in my 70 year-old brain have stopped working.  It was a true dually and an automatic.  Too much weight for four cylinders at times.  Headed up the hill at Jellico, TN (over two miles at a steep grade) – we were barely over 20 mph when reaching the top.  I think all the rocking from my wife laughing so hard was the only thing that helped us make it.   :)
Title: Re: Optional Ford V-8
Post by: Denny & Barb on October 27, 2013, 05:11:03 pm
Yes, as Ron said, we lacked nothing in the 2350, and sometimes wonder about full timing in ours as well.  But as with Ron, we have family, friends and a church family we would dearly miss, as we do when we are in Arizona area each winter for 3months.

Just got back 2 hours ago from a 2.5 week 2200 mile trip to the Blue Ridge and Arkansas.  I would not give up this powerful V10 for its climbing ability.  We love mountains.  Wouldn't be worth it to have a smaller engine that would only save me 10%!   As one oldtimer told me just 2days ago at campground, "if your worried about fuel mileage, you maybe shouldn't be a camper.". He also said that he tells his kids who camp that you drive till you spent half your money.  Then head for home with the remaining half!  Funny

In our 2.5 weeks being out, we spent a total of $52.30 for camping fees.  Took advantage of casino, rest area, and Walmart's most of the time.
Title: Re: Optional Ford V-8
Post by: GoPhoenix on February 21, 2014, 10:43:42 pm
Ron, I found another picture of our first motorhome, an EZ Ryder, manufactured in California.  Here we're parked on the beach in St Augustine, FL: St Augustine Beach, Anastasia State Park, April, 1992.  At least then, you could park on the beach for the day. (The wide-angle lens makes it look crooked.)