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Title: Why PC?
Post by: olyboots on April 15, 2014, 10:16:51 pm
We've had all RVs but a class A, and are looking for a class C.  Why a C?  So the misses can put in
some driving time on those day-longs.  I know, a class A is no harder, but it's a psych thing for her.
No way she'll drive a Greyhound. 

PC looks to be the choice, unless you're a "1%" type and can spend $250k+ and then you're a
spectacle in those tiny towns we sleep in.  So, we would have to travel to Elkhart to shop, or just
mosey up the the freeway to Poulsbo RV (western WA) and look over Coachmen and such. 

Why you'ns like your PCs?  Or not?

Title: Re: Why PC?
Post by: Pax on April 15, 2014, 10:24:41 pm
For us, in a nutshell:

- Quality of the build and materials
- Built on a Ford chassis with a Ford engine
- Small enough to live in comfortably for months, with all the built-in equipment necessary to do that.
- Didn't want the bunk over the drivers and passengers seat (cab) like a class C.
- Great floor plan
- Amazing customer service

  - Mike
Title: Re: Why PC?
Post by: Bruce on April 15, 2014, 11:51:12 pm
We like our PC for all the reasons listed by Mike.
In addition we like that it is not quite as wide nor as tall as most other C's.  Makes it easier to drive and maneuver.
Plus, we get many compliments from friends and other campers on the PC's looks--that's like frosting on the cake!
--Bruce and Sharon
Title: Re: Why PC?
Post by: Barry-Sue on April 16, 2014, 05:58:17 am
Customer service was key to us before we bought and after we bought.

I think the best thing for us is that if you want something just ask.  PC (Kermit) will go out of his way to accomodate your needs.  He will also be honest with you if he thinks it will not work.

After the sale you will not find better customer service.  Even if it is "pilot error" they will answer your questions and help you solve any issue.

Oh - and the quality of build is excellent!!!
And - they are the best looking rig out there!!!!
Title: Re: Why PC?
Post by: ragoodsp on April 16, 2014, 11:41:36 am
Not much more i can add for the above mentioned comments reflect my feelings 100%.  Having owned several  (7) other RV's from big to small and all from the "big boys" (Monaco in particular) none of them came close to the  PC's for quality of construction.  With both of my PC's I have had next to nothing in regards to issues and trust me I had many issues with other brands.  Having the Ford chassis is a huge plus.  As I am sure you are well aware many RV's can look very nice on the outside but structual make up leaves alot to desire, just check out PC's marine plywood floor vs's strand board in many.  best of luck.
Title: Re: Why PC?
Post by: Ron Dittmer on April 16, 2014, 12:25:43 pm
We special ordered our PC nearly seven years ago.  We selected model 2350 primarily because the floor plan met our needs well, and the rig was one of a select few that actually fit inside our garage.  It wasn't until after we had it home and I started getting into it that I realized how good of a rig we had bought.  PCs are well thought out in design & engineering and in materials & workmanship.  They are not the best of the best rig out there, but so much more considering the purchase price.  They really are a good value for quality where it counts.

Another good point to make on the company and their products.  If special ordering a particular model, if you want to deviate from a cookie-cutter order, they are very happy to work with you as long as it isn't technically challenging to implement.  For example, if you wanted shelving where a cabinet is, carpet in certain areas, a 3rd captain seat in place of the euro-chair,  things like that the company is quick to accommodate at cost.  If it's cheaper, then they'll actually refund you accordingly.  If you wanted to do something more challenging like rearranging the bathroom fixtures, that might not be possible due to the impact to the plumbing and their relationship to the tanks below.  Get the idea?

Two new models, the 2552 and most recently the 2450 (not yet documented) were created by special request from customers with no price gouging to the customer to get it.  If the company sees it a good idea for future offerings, you get one of the first off the assembly line, and your idea is then offered to the general public.  You work with real people who care as much as you do.  Not management that answers to a CEO who answers to stock holders who want to maximize profits at every opportunity.

Adding that as the years go by, when I have any questions, concerns, or a need for some hardware or seat cushions or battery tray or whatever, the factory takes exceptional care of me......and without gouging me on the price.  That means so much to me.  We too are not in the top 1% of world wealth.
Title: Re: Why PC?
Post by: 2 Frazzled on April 17, 2014, 08:02:27 pm
We agree with all of the above and have one addition - just about everyone that has seen ours, wants one. People walk past at campgrounds, take pictures and stake out a spot near our campsite and wait for us. We've also been stopped at gas stations, restaurants, and shopping centers. The Phoenix is beautiful, extremely well outfitted, easy to drive and maneuver and generally "right-sized". When people come inside they are surprised at how much space we have and how livable it is. Some just don't want to leave and others don't want their spouses to see it.  As our boss put it - "you've hit the sweet spot!" and we certainly feel that we did.

John and Holly

Title: Re: Why PC?
Post by: Sparky on April 19, 2014, 09:10:17 am
I try never to say anything about another manufacturer,,, but you get what u pay for,,, it is very easy to price the resale value of any RV,,  so take any RV  go back 3/4 years and see what it resales for.  This will give you a very good reason to buy a PC.   For what I paid for my unit I could have purchased a new unit, but I know 3 years from now could not get the same price. Bet I can sale mind now for what I paid for it... enough said.
Title: Re: Why PC?
Post by: rfriedkin on April 29, 2014, 11:54:34 am
Let me add that we purchased a used 2350 from the factory and the service and support we have we received for the few problems we have had has been beyond anything we have ever experienced from a company in the past. Everything we have asked about or needed has been responded to quickly, accurately and without any question. The RV has performed well, we find it suits our needs perfectly and we have the added confidence of knowing Kermit and his people are behind us 1000 percent. They don't just go the extra mile,they go an extra million miles or whatever it takes. They are just wonderful people to deal with.

Dick & Sandy Friedkin
2013 2350 E 350 chassis