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Title: Ford Radiators
Post by: lghjr on July 01, 2010, 06:47:05 pm
Any experiences with Ford Radiators?

Here is mine:  4 months over the 36 month warranty, 13400 miles on a 36K miles warranty and Ford will not stand behind their product, IMHO.  Leaks around the top header but several mountain passes later, Prestone Stop Leak is doing quite well.

I guess what I really should be asking does anyone have experience with replacement radiators for the E-450 V-10 that are not made by Ford?

Cost Ford a new Mustang Convertible - wife blew a fuse over that 4 month deal and being so much under on mileage.

Looks like FORD=Fix Or Repair Daily means what it always did, still, I sure wish I had kept my Boss 302.
Title: Re: Ford Radiators
Post by: lghjr on July 12, 2010, 04:40:49 pm
I have an update that I have to eat a little crow with as I type.

Sent the obligatory email to Ford Customer Service after dealing with them by cell during the trip and really expected the same answer, that the time is up even though the mileage was a hair over a third of the mileage part of the warranty.  The Customer Service listed under the warranty section forwarded my request to Fleet Customer Assistance, and there was no personal follow-up with me, by Fleet.  HOWEVER they did forward an 800 number to call, that was hooked up to Ford's RV Customer Assistance Center.

At this point I was full into a project to add three storage shelves and Lexan doors to the pull-out storage in the Kitchen area, so, I kinda forgot about the email until the wife asked if I had gotten a response from Ford.  I respond yea, you bet, but have not called it, not expecting much.  Being an old purchasing supervisor and expediter she volunteered to make contact (also knowing a bit about my lack of patience).

She called Ford RV Assistance this morning and Assistance people conferenced in a local Ford dealer.  In the conversation it became evident that not only was Ford going to stand behind the radiator replacement (at no cost to us) but completely took care of transferring the remaining warranty into our names. 

Plus to Ford.

The shelving project turned out very very well, (she likes it).

NOW if the new gaskets I made for the Sani-Con pump stop that leak we will be three for three on the positive side.  That pump is starting to get a bad name like Tragic-Con in some circles with the leaking visible in campgrounds.  I saw a couple of them (different models) on some Class A's during our trip and they all had, at best, some seeping and unhappy owners (those leaked in bays).  This is the second set of gaskets I have made and hopefully by upping the thickness they will seal the leaking areas with minimum loss of efficiency since clearances are several thousandths more than the paper gaskets that it comes with that don't stand up to the environment well.

Good Crow.
Title: Re: Ford Radiators
Post by: Ron Dittmer on July 13, 2010, 10:37:53 pm
Wow, glad to read Ford is being so good about a recently expired 3 year warranty.

About your Sani-Con.  Is the mascerator pump itself dripping or is it dripping somewhere else in the plumbing there?  If the pump leaks, I wonder why.  The valves for both tanks closed properly should prevent that from happening, right?
Title: Re: Ford Radiators
Post by: Bob Mahon on July 14, 2010, 07:01:51 pm
I also have a leaking problem with mine but it's primarily when I open the valves to dump. >(
Consequently, I'll use a sheet of thin rubber to make a new gasket/seal, which will hopefully solve that issue. roflol

However, if I ever have a problem with the valves, I'll revert to the manual valves, stinky-slinky and gravity drain.
Macerators are not new to me as I've had bigger boats with them. They don't work any more reliably on them either.
Title: Re: Ford Radiators
Post by: lghjr on July 14, 2010, 11:14:28 pm

The leaks, if you trace (and assume) that the residue is the path, it appears in my case to be a direct result of "stuff" attacking the paper gaskets, from the inside out, and then leaks along the studs and out the drain cutouts in the bottom of the macerator chamber.  I am going to say from experience that paper works well in times of old (carburetors/fuel pumps come to mind) but in today's arena with the wealth of modern materials for gaskets available, paper is woefully inadequate.  Because of design of the seals/clearances/mating surfaces/etc., whatever material gasket either has to be very thin, i.e. paper, or pretty compressible.  I chose to go with a rubberized fiber that is fairly compressible, roughly 1/32" thick.  I also remade the studs out of 316SS since a couple of the brass originals was showing chemical attack, as were the brass acorn nuts so I replaced them with nylock SS nuts.  I have checked the shaft seal and since it is acting as a static seal and see no evidence of it leaking on the back side, I won't replace it at this time (FYI it is available at bearing supply houses).  I generally leave the gray tank open if staying for more than one day - the by-pass should relieve any pressure except for gravity and leaks should not be happening in the pump.  When I sold my trailer I kept the hoses, a premonition I guess.  If this doesn't hold up for more that one trip, which is the experience so far, I will too go back to conventional stuff. My waste system is plumbed for either Sani-Con or 90 from it's location is the convention hook up.  BIG BUT here, with Sani-Con usage there is always going to be residual water/waste in the outlets downstream from the valves and that is a problem in itself when hooking up slinkies.  I therefore consider it only for emergencies as long as the Sani-con is in the system.

As to Ford, I think diplomacy on the part of the better half made the difference there.

L. G.
Title: Re: Ford Radiators
Post by: Ron Dittmer on July 15, 2010, 07:31:51 am
From your description, the mascerator pump itself is a mess.

What year is your rig?  Is the mascerator pump covered under any kind of warranty?  How much is a new one?
Title: Re: Ford Radiators
Post by: lghjr on July 16, 2010, 06:26:57 pm

My rig is 2007, and the warranty by Thetford is one year.  They run upwards of $400.00 +/- depending on the model - I have not checked the price on a comparable to what I have.  In my opinion it works pretty well, just leaks.  If I can put my past employment skills to the test (research) I can probably solve the design flaws. I also have one of the portable rigs that works the same way that I bought for my trailer to pump out at home into the outside sewer clean-out, different brand though. I suspect that looking both over, with what looks to be a 99+% commonality that it's a made for, branding type thing.  As for me buying another or a replacement that just is not
going to happen, with the built in hook-up options, that is money in the tank, gas tank.

L. G.
Title: Re: Ford Radiators
Post by: lghjr on July 20, 2010, 08:40:53 am

Took the PC to the dealer that Ford Corp suggested for the radiator replacement UNDER WARRANTY.

Ford reneged on the warranty, nuff said????
Title: Re: Ford Radiators
Post by: Jimbo on August 10, 2010, 12:02:09 pm
I just got back from 7 week trip to Alaska in my 2007 model 2350.  On the way to Canada, my radiator went out.  It wasn't a small leak because I stopped for gas and the radiator completely emptied.  I was 2 days before what I thought was the end of my 36 month warranty.  Since I also had less than 36,000 miles, I thought Ford would take care of the problem.  What I didn't count on was the warranty period didn't start when I took delivery of the coach in June 2007.  According to Ford, it started in February 2007 when PC took delivery of the chassiis. 

The RV dealer that took care of fixing my radiator said it's a very common problem with Ford since the bottom and top tanks are made of plastic.  I'm still having trouble understanding Ford's position that the warranty period starts when the manufacturer takes delivery of the chassis and not when the consumer takes delivery of the motorhome.  I didn't pursue this any futher, but something just doesn't seem right.
Title: Re: Ford Radiators
Post by: lghjr on August 10, 2010, 09:41:29 pm
Ford is riding a wave I imagine and don't have to do anything that they don't want to.  I believe if you will check deeper the warranty does start when you take first possession, course I've trusted Ford once too.  The trough comes on the back side of the wave.

L. G.

Top quality replacement radiators are anywhere from $200 to 250 shipped in and I believe a new one will fit in the storage under the bed.  So far Prestone has aced Ford and "fixed" the problem.