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Title: Picker Upper
Post by: 2 Frazzled on September 25, 2015, 09:34:10 am
I recently bought the Grip'n Grab from Amazon - this is a very cool tool for about $15.00. When in camp I do a lot of walkabouts as well as hiking and we always pick up trash along the way. Some of the trash is downright nasty so this tool lets us keep picking up trash without putting our hands on cigarette butts or used tissues or buggy food containers. I wouldn't carry this on a heavy duty hike but definitely on shorter ones. I picked up squished cigarette butts, single pieces or paper, wet receipts stuck to the road, tin cans and even a full water bottle. It does a great job with all of it. We plan to do some camp hosting when we get back on the road so we are getting a second one for John so we can both do the cleanup with ease.

It also works around the house to get hard to reach items. They advertise it holds up to five pounds but the strength of your arm and the angle will determine what you can lift with it. I can easily get cans and boxes out of the cupboard several feet above me. One caution - if you get one, DO NOT lift heavy things OVER your head. This particular tool seems to be nice and strong and grippy but I would not trust any tool or the strength of my wrist to keep a full jar of spaghetti sauce from clocking me in the head.
Title: Re: Picker Upper
Post by: backroadcruiser on September 25, 2015, 12:08:37 pm
So from now on we'll refer to John as  the "Quicker Picker Upper ".  :)(:
Title: Re: Picker Upper
Post by: TomHanlon on September 25, 2015, 01:10:07 pm
I just got back from being dragged to the flea market. I saw one of the picker uppers that folded in half for $3.00. It had small suchion cup in the pinchers. Not as good looking as the one you got. Maybe you should wait until you go to a flea market to get John one.
Title: Re: Picker Upper
Post by: Ron Dittmer on September 25, 2015, 01:22:18 pm
My wife bought two of the cheapy versions of the picker-upper at a dollar store, $1 each, handy around the house.  Admittedly we have not yet resorted to volunteer clean-up duty on the hiking trails.  Kudos to you.  2o2
Title: Re: Picker Upper
Post by: 2 Frazzled on September 25, 2015, 07:22:18 pm
I know I paid more but I've checked out some of the cheaper ones and you can't pick anything up with them. We checked one at the Hershey show and I got the evil eye from the seller when I tested it right there and it didn't grip anything I tried. I saw the folding ones online but wondered if they would hold up to hoisting a can of soup from an overhead shelf. Some things I pay more for. I need to protect what brain cells I have left and cans HURT!

Ron, as for volunteering, we don't tell anyone, we just do it. That way there are no expectations or requirements so no failure if we opt to not go a certain way. If we do litter pick up as part of a camp host job, THEN we'll have to actually do it on schedule. Of course, taking a hike as part of your job is pretty cool.
Title: Re: Picker Upper
Post by: backroadcruiser on September 26, 2015, 09:14:53 am
Holy where will you be camp hosting?

Bill G
Title: Re: Picker Upper
Post by: 2 Frazzled on September 27, 2015, 05:31:59 am
Not sure. The family thing has us here for now. We expect a few months local once my son returns so if it is summer we'll try for Greenbrier State Park here in Maryland. Nice park that we did short trips to this summer and they were short several camp hosts (and there's no bathroom cleaning which is a plus for us). We also considered James Island County Park outside of Charleston, SC if it is winter. They had 14 camp host couples to help run their holiday light display a few years back. The weather was very moderate and it is a really nice park (and no bathroom cleaning). BUT our love is the Pacific Northwest. We were offered a job as Interpretive Hosts at a lighthouse along the Oregon Coast but could not accept it due to the family issues and we would really love to get back there. We want to spend a good bit of time in Oregon and Washington so we may hop around there a while. And, if John is fretting over the money due to our retirement detour, we just might give that Amazon job a try for a season.
Title: Re: Picker Upper
Post by: 2 Frazzled on September 27, 2015, 06:19:06 am
I periodically check to see what's out there. Just looked. Interesting pure volunteer opportunity to do from home is working on"The National Map"

I plan to spend some time checking out all that map site has to offer.

Another Oregon position is in Welches which is at a day use area on the western slope of Mt. Hood. We stayed in Welches when we first fell in love with Oregon. You do clean bathrooms but you get your final full hook up site plus they pay $8.50 a day per couple and you work 4 days on then 3 days off together so you can use the money for gas to explore a gorgeous area. Or save the money and hike some amazing trails. Just watch out for the banana slugs. Those babies are BIG!

If you are thinking about camp hosting, check out - you can put in the filter that you need an RV site (or housing for those that don't have an RV at the moment) and a state and even narrow by type of job. John and I would prefer "interpretive host" to camp host just because we like to learn and teach but I expect we'll be doing everything once we get into it.