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Title: Awning brackets
Post by: Trudy on August 25, 2010, 11:53:51 am
Hello again everyone! I am finally getting around to attaching the awning arm brackets to the side of the Cruiser. Is there a "rule of thumb" as to how far up from the bottom edge (fiberglass side of motorhome) they should be mounted?

Thanks for the help. It's finally a cooler day and I'm ready to attack this job!

Title: Re: Awning brackets
Post by: Ron Dittmer on August 25, 2010, 03:23:58 pm

I assume you refer to the older style box awning brackets like I have on my 2007.  I learned something doing mine which you will be interested.  I have mixed feelings about where I mounted mine.

On my 2350 with a 14 foot box awning, I had thought it would be best to mount the brackets farther apart than what would be considered proper.  Proper meaning perfectly below the ends of the box.  But I mounted the brackets farther out (closer to the rear bumper and closer to the driver's cab) to increase the swing of the entry door (the door will hit the pole there) along with having a little more room to walk under the awning.  I did achieve more of each.  But, I quickly learned it became more difficult to latch the poles into the brackets because they are no longer perpendicular to eachother.  I have to gently and minimally bend the poles to get their feet set into the brackets.  I don't consider that ideal.  I wonder what I would have done if I knew that up front.

Oddly something else good came from having the brackets farther apart.  Once latched, there is no latch/bracket rattling when the wind picks up.  The slight angle of the pole's foot into the bracket offers a comfortably snug fit.  It does not seem to over-stressing anything either.
Also, because the poles angle in toward the top, that seems to discourages some side-to-side motion when the awning is fully extended.
Is that worth it?  You decide for yourself.

As far as how high to mount the brackets?  The higher the better because the poles are near full extension for me when the awning is fully open.  If I mounted the brackets near the bottom of the skirt, the poles might not extend long enough.  I mounted my brackets near the top of the skirt but not too high to provide adequate flat-back-side surface for the bracket's fender washers and locking nuts.

I also painted my brackets to match my full body paint.  The paint did chip a little with use but only where contact is made which is still much better than all white brackets on a dark gray RV.  Email me direct and I will email you a picture of my front bracket, showing how high up (a good thing) and also how far forward (a questionable thing)

Title: Re: Awning brackets
Post by: Trudy on August 25, 2010, 08:53:37 pm
Will do Ron. Thank you. You are always coming to my aid!!  2o2