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General Discussion / Re: New Photo Contest!
« on: December 21, 2014, 02:23:42 pm »
I thought Aimee's original post "We will have two categories, pre-2012 and 2012-2015." was pretty easy to understand (but color me simple).

Bob:  I think perhaps I'm simpler than you have colored yourself.  I miss the point entirely.  But I'm a PC owner, so that should give me points!

Aimee:  Sorry for your troubles -- and for not so many "entries."  One of the best things about the website is seeing all the places PC'ers are getting to and how beautiful they look on site. Better warmer days ahead once we northerners get through this "cold spell." kumbaya

General Discussion / Re: New Photo Contest!
« on: December 20, 2014, 01:11:02 pm »
Did I miss the outcome of the photo contest?  Been watching but haven't been able to find anything...point me in the right direction! >:(

General Discussion / Re: Weather Tech window deflectors?
« on: May 12, 2013, 02:56:59 pm »
Yes, I did.  I bought them from AutoSport originally for my 2010 Pleasure-Way van built on the E-350 chassis.  When we traded for our new Phoenix Cruiser, I removed them and they fit just fine on the PC (E-450 chassis, different year).  I just checked my AutoSport account, and they referred to them as Dark Tinted Side Window Deflectors for the 2010 Econoline.  I love using them on rainy days!

Around the Campfire / Re: Our New Christmas Nativity Scene
« on: December 09, 2012, 07:41:52 am »
Ron -- sis and I saw a pretty scene like yours on the way down the back streets to town yesterday and thought it was really a nice "centering" on the message of the season -- but this one of yours takes my breath away:  makes it the center of your home and elevated so all can see!  Really special and terrific work! 

I just don't know how the (german) shepherd is going to get up there to keep the baby Jesus feet warm! (Seen by my sis on Facebook, real or set-up, a supposedly stray dog climbed into a town's creche and slept on the hay with the "baby.")  Thanks for sharing!

General Discussion / Re: A/C heat strip
« on: December 04, 2012, 06:03:07 am »
I was always told that the heat strip will help depending on the ambient temperature -- but that if it is very cold inside the RV, you are better off heating things up quickly with the gas furnace or with a ceramic heater -- The techno-guys here will be better at explaining why but I have found this to be true in practice in both my small B vans and now in the PC Tumbleweed.  I only use the heat strip in my MH's when I just want a little bit of warm up --- at other times of year when we are in a cold place (like Illinois) and out overnight, I will let the furnace warm up the floor first, then either put on the ceramic heater to maintain or the heat strip if temps are in its range.

General Discussion / Re: Thank You Kermit
« on: December 02, 2012, 06:59:10 am »

I am so glad that you were rewarded by Kermit & Company for the time you spent with my sis and I.  You were so gracious to spend the time with us and it really did help us decide that Phoenix was the route for us to go.  That you've been able to "upgrade" your comfort/happiness level with your 2350 probably puts you in the position of pretty ecstatic right about now.  Too bad it's December in Illinois right now and some of us are only exercising the PCruiser by driving out to the state park now and again on the weekend for lunch!  (Work calls, you know!) Hope you two get a chance to get away in your "refurbished" PC soon -- I know it's been a dry year for you being able to get very far!  Thanks again for all your time; it really helped us make a positive step toward our planned for "round the country Tumbleweed Tour" -- We'll plan to spend the next year getting comfortable with it and deciding what to take/leave, etc.  You enjoy your comfy dinette and mirror and think of us when you do!

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: November 09, 2012, 06:30:49 am »
Hello, I just purchased a 2552 and I am told that I will be receieving it sometime before Christmas.  I  started with a camper when the kids were young, then a trailer and 5th wheel.  I then bought a Class A, an Itaca Sunrise (33").  The A I bought to camp in, now that the Kids are grown I wanted a MH to travel in, that is why I picke the 2552.  Question: has any bought the new cab shads?  If so, how do you like them and what is the cost?
Welcome, jmosier! My sis and I still consider ourselves newbies as well -- but thought I would throw in an answer here as we, too, just bought the 2552 right before the colder weather hit here in the midwest.  So we haven't had much time to get out in her.  But as my sis said, our little camping weekend in the PC on the way home was one of the best we've ever experienced because of the beauty and inside room of the PC.  We did buy the shades; my sis would have to chime in here on the cost as she manages the finances.  They are well made and we are glad we added them.  My only quibble is the same as I have always felt about any outside shade (these attach to the outside window with magnets):  Whenever we go out Rv'ing, it usually rains.  We've even considered renting ourselves out to drought-ridden areas!  I absolutely hate dealing with camping "stuff" that gets wet and has to be put away in the rain.  That's why I prefer inside kinds of shades -- but when we are able to camp more in the SW I am sure I will appreciate these even more.  We will use them a lot, but if we are expecting a rainy weekend, I will probably opt to use the inside curtain though I would love to see a more "relaxed" fabric rather than the stiff accordion style that PC currently uses.

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: October 17, 2012, 05:15:56 am »
had the key fobs added in for the chassis doors
by NJHeart

Did Phoenix have the Ford dealer come to their plant or did you drive over to the Ford dealer? What was the cost?
My local Ford dealer said it couldn't be done unless the option was ordered from the Ford factory.
Keelhauler:  When we picked it up and realized that we no longer had the luxury of the key fob to lock/unlock the doors, Amanda told us that it could be added in if we really wanted it.  We had intended to return to the factory the next morning to "fix" anything not running right or to have questions answered of things we could not figure out.  So Amanda gave us the option of meeting their guy there -- we hesitated because it was pricey -- $250 -- but it only took him a couple of minutes  with his laptop to program the Ford and the fobs together and we were on our way.  All I could think of was jumping out for a quick stop here or there and having to run around and lock each door with the keys.  I know, it's not exactly all that time consuming, but with "precious cargo" aboard (fur kids) I have gotten so used to the convenience of the push button locks.  So I decided to go for it.  I've wasted $250 on dumber things and this really is a convenience.  The only thing I have to remember is that it does not lock the "house" door -- it did on my PW van, but not in the PC -- but that's also a good thing, as the running lights will not come on/off every time I open the house door now -- not connected to the chassis -- so our friends will not be hollering out "Marilyn, your lights are on!!!!" around the campfire when we hop in and out for "stuff"....

And, thanks, Denny & Barb for the encouragement -- even though winter is coming on, we are planning lots of get-outs until the snow starts flying here in the midwest.  We will spend the winter planning our hoped-for-get-outta-Dodge trip -- as soon as I can see fit to retire and hit the road. They say vacations of the mind lower your blood pressure almost as well as the real thing!

General Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourself!
« on: October 13, 2012, 04:05:40 pm »
Just as a final follow-up to my introducing myself to everyone, the "2552" is now home in the driveway.  Sis and I went down to Elkhart a week ago Thursday to pick her up -- Amanda walked us through, we signed the papers, and off we went to Wal-Mart to get some food and settle down in Eby's Pines for the night -- back the next day for a check on the fridge and a little education on house battery maintenance and a couple of little questions, had the key fobs added in for the chassis doors, and back to Eby's for another couple of nights of R&R and to learn all about the new baby.  Everything worked beautifully and we felt as if we had come "home" for the first time in our RVing careers.

She looks like everyone else's PC, so no need to add a lot of pics here, but you might like to see anyway:

Here's how much the fur kids like her:
and if you see us on the road, this will tell you you've found us (we're still hanging out with lots of B van folks, some of who are still in B's, some who just like to Bee social!

Tips and Tricks / Re: Conserving Battery Reserves Without Shore Power
« on: October 13, 2012, 06:18:42 am »
Thank you guys -- Ron, Tom, and George -- stepping up to the PC from its small country cousins (B vans), I was concerned that perhaps the Phoenix was set up somehow differently, and the last thing I want, now that we are going into winter hibernation here in Illinois, was to go out and find out one weekend that I had "killed" another battery -- in this case two! -- because I didn't understand how it all worked with this big baby.  I had a pretty good routine with the PW, keeping it ship shape even during the off season with regard to plumbing and batteries and such, so now that we have applied "Miracle Grow Wax" (what we are teasingly saying to our camping buddies, because "Look, it grew!!!!!!) and the PW has become a PC, there's a whole lot more to maintain.  Batteries are my primary concern next to plumbing in the winter -- so this education has been important.

And if sis and I decide to do a little more boondocking as we adventure out more and more -- I will be prepared with a little more knowledge about the batteries than I had before...Again, thanks -- I really appreciate these mini seminars via the forum, guys.  Lots of helpful votes!
 tymote  (cheer)  (nod)

Tips and Tricks / Re: Conserving Battery Reserves Without Shore Power
« on: October 11, 2012, 01:59:48 pm »
Just a question for Ron:  Why is the battery charger needed when running the genny?  Doesn't running the genny charge the house batteries?  Or is that the point that you fellows are making -- that only running the engine battery charges the house batteries?  This was never a concern for us with the Pleasure Way.  We would run either the engine (around town, to the park, etc) to keep the chassis and house batteries up, or leave it parked and alternately run the engine or the genny (in our more snowy Illinois months).  Never had a problem with the house batteries.  I obviously need a little education in this.  Thanks!

General Discussion / Re: Dead starter battery
« on: September 28, 2012, 05:37:05 am »
...We have NEVER had our engine battery go dead on any of our RVs and they used to sit sometimes a month at a time when we were parked in a park and never started the motor.  And even our PleasureWay engine battery never died.  And that was a Ford too.  Is it the new Fords?  Or is it the fact I left the stairs down for three weeks.  I thought it would take more power to open and close the steps every time I went in and out loacing than if I just left it open.  I am now going to be reluctant to ever use the button that keeps the steps out.  Like how many days with the steps out does it take to drain a battery?

Anne & Bob, I just had to comment on your never having a battery die on you -- even though I have always taken care to start/run my Ford engine (and one Chevy in the past) or run the camper around weekly even in the dead of winter, I have managed to "kill" my battery on more than one occasion (usually once per vehicle).  I try to do all the things that keep a battery in good shape, being careful about battery drain, cleaning, etc -- it has happened to me at least once on every vehicle I have owned.  The only time I can remember it not happening was when I had a pop-up & no battery!  A week ago it happened while parked at a campground with friends for a week (not going anywhere) and after a long 5 hour drive up to the grounds.  The guys camping with us decided that it was a combination of all the PW running lights coming on every time we opened the door and staying on for 20 sec, and a chassis battery that was probably at least a year older than the build of the PW we're still driving.  Oh well, in a week, we are scheduled to pick up our Phoenix (yea!!!) and we can discover all the things that the rest of you are finding out about this brand.  I have a list, thanks to all of you:  let's see, steps going in and out (do they run off the chassis and not the house battery? Ah, well, something else to remember), running board lights, don't leave the cab doors open too long.  Aw, shucks!  I think I'll keep my Coach-Net service contract up and just enjoy the wait in my beautiful PC if the battery does die!  But I am going to get those jumper cables...

And, by the way:  hope it was an otherwise terrific birthday!  Wish you many more!

General Discussion / Re: Sani-Con Nozzle Issues
« on: September 24, 2012, 05:04:48 am »
... I had the factory install the valve on our PC's 3" 'emergency' drain port and found that while the Sani-Con does the job expected, using the 3" 'stinky-slinky' port provides better evacuation of the black tank's solids. I'm sure this is due to the surge of the greater volume and faster flow of the large port versus the slower Sani-Con system.
Bob, what "valve" had to be installed for you to do this? (I was assuming, since we don't pick our new PC up for another week & a half, that one can just use the emergency dump whenever one chooses.) ???

General Discussion / Re: Pet Issue
« on: September 18, 2012, 05:21:58 am »
This is a great reminder for all of us who travel with our fur-kids.  I know we usually have current records in the glove compartment, but occasionally these things slip thru and get put last on our checklist. 

Also, I am careful when walking our dogs thru the campgrounds and have collars that they won't slip off and get away.  But last week in Wisconsin I had a fellow come up and want to "pet" my dog proclaiming himself a dog lover.  He ended up trying to "play" with her like she was his own dog, roughing up her fur and trying to hold her around her head.  This fellow could easily have provoked a quick bite to back him off before I could (back him off, not bite him!)  I will be checking our records before the next outing.  Thanks for the reminder! 

General Discussion / Ford Econoline bye-bye?
« on: September 03, 2012, 11:28:12 am »
OK, fellows:  educate me...  I stumbled across an article buried deep on my homepage this morning, now can't find it -- but found this one on USA today regarding Ford's putting the Econoline van into the archives:  http://content.usatoday.com/communities/driveon/post/2011/12/ford-killing-off-the-econoline-van-/1#.UETWdpb8mSo  On edit, here is the original article I found:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Teilintegriertes_WoMo.jpg

So, does this mean that our E350's & E450's are about to become dinosaurs now or in the near future -- and the European Transit (sprinter like for sure!) will now be the basis for future PC's and other B+/C's by all manufacturers in the non-Sprinter vehicles?  I found this photo of a European motorhome built on it   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Teilintegriertes_WoMo.jpg.  They talk about 25% better fuel economy, but also about it being lighter and less powerful than the E-series.  

Did y'all already know all this and what do you think this will mean as far as this European version replacing the E-series?  Any idea if it is going to be only diesel or also gas?   (WH)

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