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General Discussion / Falcon 190 Battery Panel Problem
« on: June 08, 2009, 06:44:58 pm »
I own a 87 Falcon 190 most items are working fine except the Battery Display Panel which also encompasses the LPG, Water, Grey and Black tanks and the Thermostat.  This panel also contains the pump switch as well.  The pump works without issue however the panel doesn't display any information.  I checked all the fuses and tested to makes sure the connections are all grounded so I know there is not a short.  All indications lead to a problem with the panel however I'm not 100% sure. 


1) how and when is this suppose to work?  I doubt the panel would be illuminated full time, is there a switch I don't know about that causes this to work?
2) if the panel is burned out can I get a replacement or a newer one that would work and display more information?

Next problem is the thermostat for the heater, I need a replacment and would like to put in a digitally controlled one that has an off switch.  The current one is mechanical and when winter hits the blower kicks on draining my batteries even though it is set to its coldest setting.  This basically caused the heating fan bearings to go out last winter.  Any recommendations on where I can find a replacement that would work?


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