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General Discussion / Re: Extra Storage Space
« on: December 15, 2019, 02:40:55 pm »
What I was trying to describe is simply the hinged cover for the storage unit, sorry for the confusion. Perhaps could have just unscrewed the fixed section of the cover but seemed easier to take the whole top out. The access covers were then cut in the narrow fixed section.
Have periodically thought of adding an external plug as you have, put that back on the list.
Keep us posted on the space under the pantry.

General Discussion / Re: Extra Storage Space
« on: December 14, 2019, 02:35:55 pm »
Great find!
There is also a lot of hidden space between the outside wall and the outboard wall of the storage compartment under the driver side bed.
I had to remove the entire top of the compartment for access.  There is quite a bit of wiring and some plumbing in that area so I made 2 boxes out of plywood to fit the space and inserted them between the two walls. Constructed the boxes to protect the wiring and give access if ever needed.  I then cut access panels on the bed top outboard of the piano hinge, and fit covers. To open them I just have to slide the mattress inboard.  Great space for seldom needed things.
Found the space in one of my many (4) replacements of the faulty 4 way valve, as an aside the new brass 3 way seems to have fixed the issue.
As I write this I am looking at the panel under the pantry,  never been brave enough to cut it open to see if there is also storage space there. 

General Discussion / Re: House door hinge
« on: August 21, 2019, 12:58:01 pm »
First thanks Ron and and Volkemon for responding, and yes the pin is rotating, which it should not be. Just spoke first to Carole at PC and a Pat at Liftco who manufactures the door.
He was concerned, no immediate solutions,  said he would check units on line that he was currently working on for any ideas.
He basically told me what I knew, number one it’s a bear to unscrew, as the bolt has a carriage bolt type top, vice grips work,  the bottom piece is a 1/4” x 28 fine thread bolt  that screws into the  SS main bolt.  All held in place with a lock washer and and flat SS washer and every thing torqued down as much as possible.
I am I currently away, without the RV, when back will post a picture and take it apart again.
Barry if you’re reading this another vendor and phone number for your master list.
Liftco, 574 266 5551

General Discussion / House door hinge
« on: August 20, 2019, 01:48:15 pm »
Recently noticed that the pin on lower house door hinge will rise up about an 1/8” over several openings and closings. When it happens the door becomes slightly out of alignment. Pin is easily pushed back in again but won’t stay but for a couple of cycles.  I recently removed and cleaned it, hardened grease but nothing changed.
Contacted PC, had not heard of it before and said the door came as a unit, so I will need to contact the vendor next.
Has anyone else run into any similar issues with the hinges?

Adventure Anywhere / Re: Driving the Cabot Trail
« on: May 16, 2019, 05:56:25 am »
We drove it in the car 2 or 3 years ago leaving the PC in Baddeck where we stayed in a private campground.
It’s a great drive and I think you would enjoy it more in the car. There are also side roads, such as the one to Meat Cove which the RV would not make. 
The next decision is to do it clockwise or counter clockwise. Counter puts you on the ocean side of the road which maximizes your view as well as enhancing your view straight down the cliffs along the roadside.
Enjoy it’s a great area with lots to see and enjoy.

General Discussion / Re: Moisture in back up camera
« on: April 01, 2019, 07:18:21 pm »
last winter we stored our PC in the Dallas Texas area for a couple of months while we traveled overseas. When we returned we had the same moisture problem as you describe.  I called the manufacturer, name isn’t handy, and they indicated there was no fix.
Sometime over the next couple of months while we traveled it cleared up and has been fine ever since.
When we returned home I did reseal all the housing seams in the hope that it might prevent future problems.
Hope you have similar results.

General Discussion / Lagun table
« on: January 22, 2019, 07:35:37 am »
At the Tampa RV show we noted several manufacturers installing the Lagun tables, especially in class B’s with a variety of top designs. I have been given marching orders that installing one in our 2552 will be a top priority when we get home this spring.
Before going further, however, I was hopping for an update on how happy those are who have them  and for anyone who  has done an installation themselves, any issues they may have had. We’re currently with Barry and Sue and I was picking Barry’s brain about bracing the base and he raised some good points about just how secure the forward vertical slide trim board, to which the bracket is being attached,  is secured to the slide out and if additional backing or bracing should be placed on the backside of the board.
A call to the factory is in order, but would also appreciate any other thoughts members might have.   

General Discussion / Re: Towing 2014 CRV with 2014 2551
« on: January 13, 2019, 05:17:31 pm »
In addition to the above the CRV has a couple of other requirements that need to be observed. We’ve put about 30k towing miles on  our 2014 Honda with Blue Ox equipment, with which we’ve been very pleased. Their Patriot breaking system is another story. The one problem we’ve encountered is referenced above:  dead battery.  For the first two years we made sure we ran the engine when ever we did a rest stop, that helped but the original battery only lasted two years. I then installed a Toad charger as recommended here in the forum and have not had a dead battery since. Last week I had the oil changed and the Honda dealer performed its overall inspection and said I needed  a new battery (not even two years old).  That’s this weeks project, manufacturers battery’s are generally of lesser quality, so if needed will purchase a better grade battery.
Back to the specifics:  transmission according to Honda must have the fluid changed every two years if towed, ($300+), depending on your current miles you might want to start fresh. The other issue is the transmission lubrication procedure you need to go through at the beginning of each towing, basically just running it through the gears. This must be repeated at least every 8 hours by the clock.  Finally when towing you cannot exceed 65mph.
Good luck it’s good car have with you.

General Discussion / Re: EMS & TPMS
« on: September 19, 2018, 08:13:05 pm »
Garmp, l  don’t even plug in at home without my EMS, surge protector. Over the years ours has picked up and protected us from several external electrical problems which could have had major consequences.
We have a Progressive unit that this summer failed, they have a lifetime warranty, I called described the problem and had a new one within a few days.
To me this is an essential piece of equipment. 

General Discussion / Re: Another door latch
« on: September 19, 2018, 08:02:00 pm »
If I understand the problem it is one the exterior storage doors that will not close. The latches are adjustable, with one hand hold the metal tab that goes into the cutout slot in the adjacent panel and with the other hand turn the external knob counterclockwise. May need a little fiddling to get the tab and slot aligned. Hopefully this is the issue, it’s a common occurrence.

General Discussion / Re: DirecTV Receiver Activatio
« on: September 19, 2018, 07:46:01 pm »
We take our second DTV receiver with us each winter.  We have a portable Winegard Carry Out dish which only works with the older hr24 model receiver.
Settings need to be changed in the receiver when using the smaller portable dishes. The only call to Direct TV is to provide our current location for receiveing local programming and this has never been a problem.
The other issue is how your PC is wired to receive a non-cable signal.  For Both of our PC’s I had to do a modification to the tv jack in the over head passenger compartment, per Barry/Sues instructions.
Newer units may have this as a standard feature.
The big question is if DTV will be dropping non HD broadcasting next spring as rumors indicate. If and when that happens many of the older portable dishes will no longer be able to receive a signal (HD)

Adventure Anywhere / Re: Misty Mountain Camp Resort
« on: July 30, 2018, 08:10:40 pm »
Our daughter and family live in nearby Charlottesville so we have stayed there numerous times over the years and agree with everything you mention about the park. The one cautionary comment I would make is to check their event schedule as they often host various groups on weekends and it can be quite noisy well into the evenings.

General Discussion / Re: Electric termination valves
« on: May 10, 2018, 07:32:28 pm »
 To make a long  embarrassing story short on our previous PC  I inadvertently opened one of the electric valves manually, it was not easy either as there is a lot of resistance from the electric motor.   
That then left the gears out of sync so they would not fully open or close the gate valves.  Fortunately I was able to remove and disassemble  the gear box and realign the gears.
I believe if it  is necessary to manually open the valves the u-shaped connector on the threaded connecting rod from the t-handle can be turned and repositioned to allow manual opening.

General Discussion / MCD shades
« on: April 14, 2018, 10:12:50 am »
Yesterday when I went to roll up the shade on one of the windows it rapidly rolled itself up and then wouldn’t come down.  This happened on our previous PC and in fooling with it something snapped inside and it never worked again. Lesson learned, I called MCD this time. Could not have asked for more helpful folks. Immediately identified the cause and gave the fix. They indicated there is a stop setting and it was locked, to fix it grab each end of the shade and give a tug downwards. With great trepidation I did so and ended up the whole unit on the bed. Shade is held in place with three 1/4” screws.
Second phone call, again very helpfull, advice was to go to their web site and watch the videos on disassembling and repairing the shades, they are short videos and very well done.  Not covered in the videos, however, was the actual locking mechanism which is located in the left side of the shade tube, this they described as a screw type mechanism, with a large nut that needs to be loosened.
With their assistance the shade is now back in place and working.
Ironically we’re on the road and only about an hour from their shop in McKinney Texas so I asked if I couldn’t come by and have them take care of it, they only do so by appointment and our schedules didn’t jibe.
Long story short, it’s not a difficult fix, once having viewed the videos and speaking with them to clarify any questions.

General Discussion / Re: 4way valve problem
« on: March 20, 2018, 07:24:28 pm »
Contact Anderson as they were sending at no cost a supposedly updated valve. I received one last year and the leaking has stopped to date.

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