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Adventure Anywhere / Re: Custer State Park
« on: March 15, 2019, 08:52:25 pm »
Legion Lake C.G. in Custer is really nice by the lake and in the trees.  It's not too big but you shouldn't have a problem with reservations this early.  The park won't be too crowded after Labor Day  except for the buffalo walking past you.  There is another campground in the park- sorry I can't remember the name.  It was much larger and more out in the open tho'  the bison made their presence known there also.

The Spearfish City C.G. in town is one of our favorites.  There is a restored fish hatchery on site.  They have several miles of walking/biking trails along the river  and turkeys in the trees.  We've also seen turkey vultures in the same trees but not at the same time.  I usually ride my bike although it is walkable in to downtown for an ice cream cone.... however you will not feel like you are in a city. 


P.S. John and Holly,  this could be a good place for the midwest get-together.  They have a privately owned event hall on site available for rent.  There are quite a few places for day-trip entertainment , Deadwood, Mt. Rushmore etc.

General Discussion / Re: Options qustions...
« on: March 11, 2019, 02:44:40 pm »

- 6V AGM batteries are $500 above and beyond conventional 6V batteries?  At that price it seems no credit was given to the conventional batteries.  I would opt for conventional technology, get whatever years you can from them, then replace them with Duracal AGM 6V batteries from Costco for $350 for the pair.  That is a $350 savings.  Spend the $350 on something else for your PC.

Whoa!  Yes, something amiss there. My wholesale price on Trojan 6V AGM's is ~$135. The 12V group 31's AGM were on sale for $115.   NO WAY that should be a $500 upgrade for just batteries.  MAYBE (Hopefully?)  just maybe they put in a better multi-stage battery charger?  2o2  Would be a good question to ask...Therein may lay some of the difference...

Lifelines are $300 apiece delivered (retail cost, Phoenix may get a lower price) , subtract the cost of the 2 Interstate lead/acid batteries ($150 wholesale?) and we are talking about $450 cost difference.


Garmp,  if it makes you feel any better, we are on the Gulf coast and it is cold, wet and windy.  The Canadians next to us were in NOLA  a few days ago and said it was really foggy.  I'm sorry you aren't feeling well but the delay may be a blessing while we wait for this "global warming" thing to kick in.  Safe travels.


General Discussion / Re: Phoenix Cruiser Company problems?
« on: March 02, 2019, 06:34:12 pm »
They are no longer selling factory direct, they are now selling via Campers Inn.

Make that 4 now.  We added a satellite dish, a cellphone booster, replaced the coach batteries with Lifeline AGM batteries.   A few minor repairs and adjustments at the factory (free) and 43,000 miles later Patti and I still love our PC.  It was/is our best present to ourselves ever!

I second the motion.
Yellow print is IMPOSSIBLE to read!!
Try Black print if you want to sell it.

Except for those of us with black backgrounds.

General Discussion / Re: Roadtrek and Hymer gone,
« on: February 18, 2019, 07:42:59 pm »
Lots of discussion of this on the various Class B forums.   The family that built the company sold it to a private investment group after the 2008 financial problems.   That group flipped it to another investment group a few years later.   They ended up selling it to Hymer.  Hymer is a large European manufacturer of motorhomes.   Now, Hymer is selling to Thor and Thor discovered alleged financial irregularities at Roadtrek.   The management installed by Hymer or one of the previous investment groups is reported to have defrauded the company of approximately one hundred billion dollars utilizing false invoices and paying the dough to themselves and family members who apparently have been phantom employees.   

So, several hundred people lose their jobs and Roadtrek is no more.   

We have owned two Roadtreks over the years and both were made back when the original family had ownership.   I always said they were Beechcraft quality (referring to the top of the pile planes made by Beech).   Roadtreks have suffered a decline in quality and an acceleration in price over the last few years in the minds of those that have great love and familiarity of the brand. 

This is just another example of growth, greed, and crime coming together in a once fine family owned company.   

$100 million, not $100 billion, but everything else is correct

General Discussion / Re: Screen door problem
« on: February 18, 2019, 07:18:33 pm »
Depending on availability at your location, you might find a screen door of the correct size at a local bone yard, one which handles motor homes and trailers which are less than roadworthy.  Although you might have to use the original hinges to install the replacement.

No idea what they did in 2002, but the more recent PC's don't have a "screen door" per se, rather they have a retractable screen that pulls across the entry way about 6" behind the side door itself.  There is no actual door that can be replaced.

General Discussion / Re: First Toad Trip
« on: February 18, 2019, 06:04:21 pm »
DONC13, the best way to get an electic bike is to build it yourself.  I built us a couple two years ago from parts I bought at https://lunacycle.com/.  The reason is that you want a "Mid drive" that puts the motor on the crank, instead of a "Hub drive" that puts it in the wheel.  And you will want a bigger battery than most ebikes will give you.  You can save at least $500 apiece by buying a couple of cruisers (like our Del Sol's) and converting them, rather than buying a completed conversion, even from Luna.

Now, is it a good idea?  Sorry, it didn't work out for us.  Not that the technology doesn't work.  Our bikes will do 30 mph, and go 30 miles without a charge if you dial it back to 20 mph.  And they're a real hoot to ride.  They make you feel like superman.  And it was great to be able to hang our "toads" on the trailer hitch.

Maybe if we were younger.  My wife was just never comfortable riding on city streets.  We wound up buying a Smart car.  I'll sell 'em to you if you're interested.

We' re actually headed to Texas next week.  Coming in Eastbound (from Albuquerque) on I-40 to Amarillo, I-27 to Lubbock to Sweetwater, to i-20 to Abilene then Austin via 84.   After Austin, headed down to Port Aransas on the Gulf.  On the way back it'll be San Antonio to San Angelo to Lubbock, Amarillo to Albuquerque to Colorado

If you're anywhere near that route, PM me, we just may be interested in stopping and looking at them.

General Discussion / Re: First Toad Trip
« on: February 16, 2019, 07:25:02 pm »
Nope, we currently store our PC at GJ RV storage just East of 29 rd and D 1/2 road.   We'll be moving it up to Adrenaline Driven Adventure Co. (a Polaris Adventure Hub) that is at the old Thrifty Car Rental place on Horizon just North of I-70.   My son is the operations manager and he's going to let us park it in the back of their lot.

Thank you for the information, it is very helpful!  I believe it was Colorado E-Bikes we talked to at the Expo last week!
We'll be sure to check with them.

We just moved to Grand Junction from Loveland last May and absolutely love it here!

General Discussion / Re: First Toad Trip
« on: February 16, 2019, 03:17:59 pm »
I do hope your spare tire isn't named, Slash.
When you get caught up, could you tell me more about your E-bikes please.  We looked at them at the Outdoor Expo in GJ last weekend.  I'm more interested in the value to your usage than the tech aspect.  Do you take them on all your trips?  Do you use them around town?  Do you ride the trails?  Would you use the rack on , Flash?  How do you lock them up and do you worry about the battery being stolen?  How often do you use the assist?  I really like the idea and I understand they are pricey.  I just want to be sure that we would use them enough to justify the cost.  Let's just say my knees haven't been 18 for many years so they are pushing me to do some  investigating.

General Discussion / Re: Screen door problem
« on: February 15, 2019, 09:23:54 am »
King Tucker decided to go through the screen door.   It’s a bit shredded.    Can it be repaired or does the whole unit need to be replaced?

Janey (pissed in Florida 😡)

I am sure it can be repaired, but suggest you call the factory.  They can tell you for sure and possibly suggest a repair location.

General Discussion / Re: New 3100 for sale at Campers Inn
« on: February 14, 2019, 04:43:18 pm »
Those are absurd prices on the new units. You don't need a dealer network that inflates prices, in the age of the internet. My bet is that most RV shoppers look for and then select the unit they want by looking online. A dealer just adds unnecessary cost. Some of the biggest success stories of current marketing has eliminated middlemen. What Phoenix Cruiser just did is add to their cost without adding to the value of their fantastic product.

I owned a diesel Chinook Concourse for 14 years. It was a great unit that I put 120,000 miles on without ANY repairs.  Chinook was among the oldest U.S. brand names in the RV industry and built quality RVs. Chinook RV, a division of Trail Wagons, Inc. was a family-owned and operated manufacturer of relatively short-length, high-quality Class C (Class B+) recreational vehicles. Chinooks, like Phoenix Cruisers now, were once considered “The Sports Car of Motorhomes” until the company’s demise in 2005. Ultimately they simply priced themselves out of business, by upping prices and later reducing quality. 

I hope the new strategy shown by Phoenix Cruiser does not create similar results. I appreciate the former "factory purchase" policy of the PC brand and want to see the company prosper. But the web advertising and website of PC was terrible. The old and still present PC website can not be found in the first 10 pages any Google search of word choice of B, B+ or C motor homes, Campers Inn doesn't do a better job with web searches because I also never saw their site come up in the first 10 pages.  I stopped at the first 10 pages in both seaches so I'm not sure if PC or Campers Inn every locates an actual Phoenix Cruiser. IMO better internet site improvements along with key words, link baiting, using alt tags and constantly updating the site with unique data would do more to enhance PC sales than a dealer upping prices by 20%.

Those prices have to be suggested retail.

General Discussion / Re: Quality
« on: February 12, 2019, 05:47:44 pm »
I second Jatrax's post right above this post.

General Discussion / Re: New 3100 for sale at Campers Inn
« on: February 12, 2019, 05:31:41 pm »
They have been making approximately 100 units per year (or so Earl and Kyle told me in early 2015) since at least 2010.   No idea how many they have made since Kermit sold the company.

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