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General Discussion / West Coast PC Reunion 2017
« on: February 05, 2017, 02:54:15 pm »
Hi Folks,

We PC owners west of the Sierras have a coastal reunion each Spring.  By 'coastal' we usually mean
'right on the water'.  Certainly Pismo Coast Village is right on the ocean.  Here are the details for 2017:

Bill Cox, wagon master for this event, invites one and all to this popular annual event. Although not an official “Phoenix Cruiser”
event, most of the attendees have or have had a PC. In the past folks from as far away as Texas have attended.

The 2017 West Coast reunion will be Sunday, May 21st through Wednesday, the 24th (leaving on Thursday) at
Pismo Coast Village RV Resort in Pismo Beach, CA. Site rent will be $174.72 for the four nights. We’ll have a
catered dinner costing about $15 a person on Wednesday evening, and a potluck dinner on another day.
We've reserved the clubhouse for all four days.

Optional expenses include giant cinnamon rolls ($5), tickets to the Melodrama ($25).

Here’s a rough timeline (more details later):

 Sunday: Arrive, carpool to the Great American Melodrama and Vaudeville in Oceano
               for dinner and a performance of Mark Twain’s “Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.”

 Monday: Daytime - Walk into Pismo for sightseeing,  snacking & shopping. Evening - Potluck dinner in the clubhouse.

 Tuesday: Breakfast – giant cinnamon buns for outdoor breakfast, possibly winery tours. Evening - Outdoor campfire, singing

 Wednesday: Daytime – unorganized. Evening - Brief business meeting. Catered dinner in clubhouse.

 Thursday: Pack up and leave.

You will need to reserve your site by April 1st, 2017    Each of us will need to do that on our own.
Call Pismo Coast Village RV Resort, (888) 782-3224 The Mid Week rental charge will be $174.72 for 4 nights.
Mention you are with the Bill Cox group and ask that you be placed near him.

Please let me know if you’re planning to come, so I can track the number of meals, tickets, etc.
We’re getting a group rate for the Melodrama, and I need to know by April 1st also.
Please pass this on to anyone that I might have missed (bad me).

Tips and Tricks / RV Support Businesses in the East Bay Area
« on: December 01, 2016, 09:04:55 am »
Hi Folks,

Was just re-reading old posts, many from Pax in Northern California.

Our absolute-best RV service/sales place is:
San Leandro RV And Trailer
15180 E 14th St
San Leandro, CA 94578
The go-to guy is Greg.  We've used his expertise for a decade
or so.  Highly recommended for non-Ford issues.  He most recently
installed our solar panel.

The folks at C & E were recommended by Greg for Ford issues.  They are at
C & E Auto & Truck Repair
1366 Doolittle Dr
San Leandro, CA 94577
Only used them once, and we'll definitely go back.

We bought our 2350 used, and found the steering wobbly.  These folks
put new ball joints on for us, since the Ford doesn't have grease fittings
as the chassis comes from Phoenix.  Also bought our anti-sway bar
from them and had it installed.
East Bay Frame & Axle
1366 Doolittle Dr, Ste 3
San Leandro, CA 94577

Finding an RV washing place has been hard.  The one Greg recommended
has been sold and no longer washes the roof for us.  They're at 8255 San
Leandro Blvd, on the west side of the street, 'way in back.  There's often
a line on big-rigs, so I try to go early on a weekday.


General Discussion / Arrive at destination and toad battery is dead
« on: September 18, 2016, 07:49:43 pm »
Hi Folks,

We've had a time with our Honda FIT's battery.  I added a 12V DC line from the Cruiser's battery through the umbilical cord to the FIT, then from the umbilical socket on the FIT to the battery, through a fuse.  The intent was to power the GPS and other accessories in the FIT from the Cruiser, while towing, leaving the FIT's battery relatively unloaded.

The current problem is that, when we arrive someplace for the night, unless we unplug the umbilical when, the FIT battery is dead in the morning.  Diane had the idea to disconnect the umbilical when we arrive.  This prevents the dead battery while sitting in camp.

What seems to happen is that, when we arrive, we turn off the Cruiser's engine, leaving the umbilical plugged in to both the FIT and the Cruiser.  Then somehow, the Cruiser sucks current from the FIT's battery through that extra 12V line we added to the umbilical.

Some company makes a battery charger that will trickle the toad's battery, powered by a  line to the Cruiser, just like we have.  But, I don't want to add equipment (and cost) to the towing rig if I can avoid it.  I think a diode, which will allow current to flow TO the FIT's battery, but not FROM it would work.

Has anybody had such a problem?  How did you solve it?

Tanks in Advance!

Hi Folks,

The article wasn't written about RVing,but it reminded us to relax and adapt.
It's by Mick LaSalle, the movie critic in the San Francisco Chronicle, here:


Here’s the real reason why couples fight on vacation:  If you’re in a long-term
relationship in which you live with another person, every aspect of your life,
from the alarm clock until bedtime, has already been negotiated.  It might not
have seemed like a negotiation at the time, because it wasn’t formal, but it
was a negotiation all the same.  Who gets up first, who makes coffee, who throws
out the garbage, who cooks, who feeds the animals, who walks the dog, who
cleans the cat box, who washes the clothes, who folds the clothes, what movies
are watched, who drives the kids, who picks up the kids, what items can be
bought without consulting the other (e.g., a pair of pants) and what items
cannot be bought without consulting the other (e.g., a car).

In virtually every live together relationship, there is one person who locks the
doors before bed and another who just goes right to sleep.  And this will be the
pattern for decades.  It will never change.

So suddenly all the implicit negotiations are irrelevant and they find themselves
in the realm of active negotiation.  And so they’re annoyed and can’t believe they
have to go through this, just to do a simple thing like eat at the hotel’s breakfast
buffet, etc.

Part of the way to NOT argue, I think, is to recognize where you are, which is
uncharted territory.  If you realize that you really do have to negotiate everything,
because that’s the nature of going to a brand new place, you will have more patience
with the other person and not feel like it’s such a big imposition to make your case.

We really enjoyed this.  Does it resonate for anyone?


General Discussion / Amazon hires RVers as holiday staff
« on: December 15, 2013, 12:35:35 pm »
Hi Folks,

Article in Today's SF paper says that, because Amazon builds its huge distribution centers in small towns, they have no resident overflow workers to turn to, so they hire RVers as temps.  Pretty good article, I think:


They talk about seasonal RVers and full-timers as well.

Season's Greetings you all!

Bill and Diane and Spark

Tips and Tricks / Skin Care for our Cruiser
« on: April 14, 2013, 11:33:31 am »
Our PC sits outside in the sun all the time.  We wash it thoroughly every
few months, but have no service available to wax it (and I'm reluctant to
spend too much time on a ladder).

I'm now noticing that the bulb over the cab is getting that dusty white
chalky look to it.  Looks like a fiberglass boat left too long unmaintained.
What I'd do with the boat would be to buff it out and wax it.

I thought that clear coat would prevent this chalking effect...

What's the best care for the PC's skin?

Bill & Diane

We went to the West Coast Intervec-Phoenix get-together last weekend
(wonderful people, very welcoming to a new couple), and the kitchen
outlet stopped working.  What re-started it was wiggling the stove vent

How weird is that?  Anybody got an insight?

Tips and Tricks / Getting in and out of the 2350 rear bed
« on: April 28, 2012, 02:03:53 pm »
Hi Folks,

I have a request from Diane to research where we might put some sort
of grab-rail to lift herself up to climb over me and out of the bed.  She
suggests the corner of the cabinet at the foot of the bed.   I'm on the
aisle side because I get up in the night far more often than she does.

Anybody done any thinking like this?  I'll likely have to get something
fabricated for the grab-rail.  Fortunately there are lots of boat hardware
places (and welding shops) around here.


Hi Folks,

We keep Callie, our 2350S, outside all the time and have no electric hookup for her.
Most times when I go out to do a project, there's a CHIRP! every so often that appears
to come from the propane detector near the floor.  Seems to be complaining about low
battery voltage, since it stops when I run the engine.

We've got a cheap solar panel that lives on the dashboard, plugs into a cigarette lighter
socket,  and the engine battery is always charged up.  I've been trying to think of a
way to have a similar small panel, perhaps on the curb-side outer wall just above the
battery compartment, to keep the house batts charged.

Has anybody done something like this?  Someday we may put a big panel on the roof and
run the supply line down along the refrigerator vent pipe as others have done, but for now,
a big panel isn't high on our priority list.

I was thinking of hinging the panel like the kitchen counter extension - vertical for travel
and propped up away from the wall during storage, at about a 45 degree angle.

Any thoughts?

General Discussion / Getting mail on the road
« on: February 22, 2012, 01:03:51 pm »
Hi Folks,

How do you handle getting bills and other critical incoming mail on the road? 

We haven't yet been out longer than a month and so far, have been able to prepay the bills before we left.   The month, from Oakland, CA to Detroit, MI and back, was the trip that convinced us to get a larger RV.  The Road Trek was simply too small for two people and a Corgi.  We three are loving the PC!

Bill and Diane

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