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It seems like only yesterday that i first logged on and sought our help on this forum. We will now be signing off as we have opted to downsize to a smaller motorhome, a Road Trek. Our goal is to rid the toad and carry less crap, stay on more Bed-in-breakfasts. I will miss the conversations and helpful tips.

As we empty the years of crap off the our 2551, and filter out what is actually needed, i recognize how well designed this PC is and so well built. It fetched a prime dollar as a trade in. I know there are times when will wish for the old "Acrewed Benefit II" PC.

Please stay in touch if you are ever in the St Petersburg.

Kermit you have been so helpful.

For those of you who signed on to my Yahoo Groups page OurPhoenixCruiser. I turned it off last night, no one had posted in last two months.

Thanks again for the problem solving on lifts, electrical, rattles, inverters, etc..

Greg and Kathy Matthews
2010 2551
now a 2016 ETrek

General Discussion / Sudden loss of shore power
« on: December 14, 2015, 05:47:04 pm »
We were plugged in at Bahia Honda State Park last week for a little fish, sun and fun. Friday night we went out to dinner leaving two lights and the AC on. We arrived about 3 hours where we discovered that the ac was not not on and the lights were really low, and the low voltage alarm on the Gas detector was sounding intermittently.

There was no AC at any point in the motor home, but power was at the end of the chord. We started the generator but that did not connect with any the motorhome recepiticles. While were were running the generator, the voltage showing in the monitor behind the driver seat, kept roping. The low voltage alarm on the gas sensor kept coming on. The use / store switch was not working and the red light was on.

With no access to Phoenix Cruiser, no access to an internet connection to use this forum, so we were snoutr own. We disconnected the low voltage alarm and ran an extension cord from the box to a fan that we used at night. Otherwise we were boon docking it. I require oxygen so another extension cord went to my concentrator.

I note that when we started the motor home, all the lights went on bright, but when the motor was turned off, back to low power.

Spoke to phoenix cruiser and found that when voltage on house batteries are low the use/store switch is frozen in store mode. We decided to drive home a day early. Spoke to the PC electric guy and he said that the problem is likely gone now that we charged the batteries driving 400 miles home. Went outside and plugged in to the home box and all is well. Apparently if i had just run the motorhome for 20 minutes the switch would have reset itself and we could have plugged in.

Thought you might be interested in know what happened and how PC helped us resolve it.

Greg Matthews

General Discussion / locked struts on toad
« on: August 05, 2015, 11:18:32 am »
Before we left from home, i had the front end of the PC and the toad (a Honda Fit) aligned. The tires were new so they had been balanced. The driving of the motor home improved significantly (cost to align the front end of the PC was $180). The driving on the fit did not improve.

It would not stay in its lane, but drifted from left to right once you were at cruising speed. It drove me nuts. I took it back and they redid the alignment, but that did not help. In trying to problem solve this issue, one of the mechanics suggested that the struts had locked up and that was producing the erratic steering. Apparently the up and down of the front end of the fit was not natural and that caused the struts to lock up. At least that is the story i got.

I replaced the struts and the Fit drives and tows like new.

Anyone else ever run across this, or was it just BS from the tire guy. He did fix the problem and i don't think that happened  just because my wallet was less full

Greg Matthews

General Discussion / Leak in bath area
« on: August 04, 2015, 10:41:41 am »
We have been the road for 2.5 months and little things are beginning to take a toll on the PC.

Two  days ago we noted that the bath rug that is in front of the sink and WC was damp. As best as we can tell it is just water, not the alternative. I have a call into Kermit to ask about this same problem, but he was out.

The water seems to coincide with our connecting of a city water supply to our PC. For most of our travels, we typically use what is in the tanks and refill as necessary. I am wonder if the higher pressure from being connected to a city system, rather than just using water in out tanks, is causing a small leak, There is minimal water on the floor under the sink and nothing is dripping from the faucet or  trap. The most water appears on the floor near the back wall to the right of the WC, and next to the sink cabinet.

The only other change that has occurred in the last two days is travel on long up and down grades in the area of southern Utah. Las Vegas and San Bernandino. Don't see how that could be a problem as our water and waste tanks were less than 1/3 full.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Greg & Kathy Matthews
2010 2551S
St Petersburg, Fl

General Discussion / spare tire
« on: September 29, 2014, 05:17:00 pm »
Did not see this on site -- BTW been away for a year while i got a lung transplant (February) and getting ready for next summer when we plan on a trek to Washingtp state-- when to replace the spare tire.

just replace the 6 tires on our 2010 2551 which was built on a 2009 E450, and built in July 2008. tires were showing some cracks, so better cautious than dealing with a blow out. But i did not replace the spare tire, it has never been on the ground. It looks good and is under the cover.

Any recommendations.

General Discussion / Quick check: tail lights when door opens
« on: July 16, 2013, 05:23:00 am »
Was sitting in the toad this weekend when bride opened and shut the passenger cab door. The tail lights flashed when the door shut, tested driver's side, ditto.

Ignition is off, MH is in "use", E 450, 2010, and plugged in to 120V, parked in storage lot.

Can a couple of you try to see if this happens on your vehicle. What i cannot figure out is why would this happen?Could it be linked of the drain of house power (batteries) we have been dogged with on and off for the last two years.

Greg & Kathy Matthews
2551S 2010

General Discussion / Xantrex 1800
« on: May 25, 2013, 05:00:00 pm »
The inverter is not working again.

After having read all the posts on this inverter, it appears that my MH was built at a time when there were some bad inverters. The prior owners had never run the generator and likely never used the inverter. Will call Kermit on Monday, maybe just need to replace it.

Need help from another owner with xantrex 1800. The fuse box has been labeled by someone with very poor hand writing. Can make out a few of hieroglyphics but other are beyond legible.  Could someone tell me what their two panels have written (right and left side!) for each numbered circuit.

Greg & Kathy


General Discussion / Electrical question an inverter
« on: May 23, 2013, 06:25:55 am »
After much thought about my inability to consistently relly on the inverter here is initial assessment - I am looking for support or clarification.
1. The batteries are the problem because the run down quickly. The batteries that were put in my vehicle by prior owner, when I bought from prior owner, are not the type that come with the home new. They are regular car batteries, with 600 cca rating, not deep cycle. What is best size type and rating?
2 the use or store button have no impact on the charging of batteries or use of inverter.

Greg Matthews

I thought that i had resolved this last year when i discovered a light under the driver running board was always on, and i disconnected it before i drove home. I need some help to disgnose the current problem, we will be here for three days. My inverter is not working see explanation that follows.

We have been on the road for four days, plugged in at night. Yesterday after i just disconnected all shore power i tried to turn on the inverter (XANTREX 1800), by pressing the green button. I get an EO2 message -- an input problem typically from low voltage -- then 9.8 shows up and then only clicking until i press the green button on the inverter again.

Battery connectivity is on "use" not "Store". Ground fault light is not on. What am i missing

greg & kathy

General Discussion / New tries for 2010
« on: March 20, 2013, 06:39:54 am »
i have made a decision to replace my 6 tires on the 2010 2551S this summer, mainly because the prior owner let it it sit for a year and half in a park. No signs of cracks but the tires were manufactured in 2008. four questions.

Is there a trick to getting wheel covers off?

Has anyone purchased tires at one of the large RV shops such as Lazy Days or Campers World? It seems to me that for a number of reasons i am better off going to a group that deals with wheel covers, valve extensions and balancing large tires than going to a discounter like Costco.

Lastly did anyone move away from the tires that came with RV? Mine are MIchelins 255/75 R16 LTX 5 play (three polyester two steel)

Greg Matthews
2010 2551S

What do you do about the spare that has never been on the ground and is also 5 years old?

General Discussion / Winegard
« on: November 12, 2012, 07:42:44 am »
Our wineguard sensar (batwing antenna) seems to work off and on, even when we are metropolitan cites like St Petersburg. FL. I picked up the wingman to improve the reception on the channels from 15 to 51 at Camping world, and while talking to the salesperson -- an RV owner with winegard sensor -- he said that these antennas have button that is pressed when first trying to locate a channel it boost the power to improve catching a signal. Ours is a PC 2010 model that was sold in Sept 2009 so this may be an improvement after our build.

I did learn doing some research on the internet -- still cannot find a manual for operation -- that the new signal is either on or off, not like old TV signal when fuzzy meant that you are only getting part of the signal, thus the signal needs to be caught in the right direction or you get nothing.

Question: Does anyone have such a button and where might it be on the 2551?

Question: Also has anyone recommend that i install one of the directional meters to facilitate the finding of channels.


General Discussion / Help on inverter
« on: November 08, 2012, 06:11:02 am »
Back again asking for some practical insight.

Took a trip this weekend and inverter did not work. The test panel shows that the batteries were good, fully charged. Inverter shows error message 02 which means not sufficient battery power. Ran generator for 2 hours, still get both same messages.

Came home plugged into house for a day and now the inverter works.

I am leaving inverter off when stored and plugged in.

Thanks in advance for comments. I will call Kermit to see if he has an insight.

2010 2551S

General Discussion / Roof lamination
« on: September 26, 2012, 03:15:21 pm »
While i was working getting the AC going i ran across something that seemed odd.

I had decided to buy and replace the only replaceable part in our AC unit, before we declared it dead (Yeah it was worth spending $32 to buy it and try it, didn't work and the flames only shot out about 4 inches from the starting capacitor. Exciting!) By the way i found a great place for getting all sorts of odd parts for RB stuff in Houston, the part was here by 10:00 am. http://www.pplmotorhomes.com/parts/rv_parts_rv_accessories.htm

Went ahead and ordered the new AC at $875, plus shipping, and two hours to install from a local dealer. A lot less than quoted at Lazy Days in Tampa.

Anyhow on the way to getting the cap off the AC and put in the part, i went aloft via a step ladder on the side of the PC instead of the sturdy ladder on the rear cap. I noticed when i reached up from the 12 foot step ladder that there is a void between the plastic cap on the roof and the base below it.  The void seems to extend away from the curved edge of the roof about a foot and for two feet front and back.

I looked up in the forum so see if anyone had reported this as a problem in the past. Ron D had commented back in 2009 on a thread from another owner, back then but there seemed to be no follow up on that thread. I emailed Ron D who could not remember the post and commented that it had not been problem for him.

Before i contact Kermit about my RV, has any one else noted this type of void on the edge of their roof near where it rounds to the side?


General Discussion / AC not blowing cold
« on: September 20, 2012, 12:35:24 pm »
Four nights ago while in a state park our Dometic AC unit went off while we were sleeping. In the morning, I found the AC circuit blown off and the GRI off.

After I reset both, the AC would blow but no cool air.

Today I am at Lazy Days in Tampa and they have just told me I need a new unit for $1,700. When I asked why I was told on the phone that it is low on freon and it is a closed system.  I had other discussion that probably doesn't need to be aired here. I am waiting to speak to the technician to get a better explanation, an obviously wont be shelling ou $1,700 to Lazy Days today.

It almost seems I must have blown an internal circuit.

Any ideas.

Greg Matthews
2010. 2551S

General Discussion / No power to HWH levelers
« on: September 07, 2012, 12:00:35 pm »
You solved my battery problem, maybe you can help on levelers problem.

While the HWH levelers were extended, the unit stopped getting power. I trouble shot with the technicians - the directed me under chassis- and one light in control panel is off. The said that indicates that the unit is not getting power. They have offered to arrang to fix on trio
P home from MT to FL. It will add a day and additional 300 mikes to trip. They said is would be covered under the warranty.

Befor I alter trip home, imam looking for ideas.

By the way the HWH levelers that PC installs allow you to drive forward to get off when this problem occurs. Once you drive forward, the unit swing up.

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