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Tips and Tricks / Tips for water heater woes
« on: August 17, 2009, 09:08:41 pm »
My 2004 PC 2350 has the 6 gallon Atwood gas/electric water heater.  It always works great when connected to a 30 amp electric hookup.  It sometimes has acted up erratically when I need to use it in gas mode.  Here are a couple of good, easy tips I have found to get it working again.  I always follow Atwood's warnings listed in the manual before working on the water heater.  

The Atwood manual says one tip is to clean and reseat the connectors on the circuit board in the water heater.  This has worked sometimes.  The low-voltage circuit board connections get a little oxidized.  Cleaning and reseating the connectors disturbs the oxidation and helps the connectors to make contact again.  This is temporary due to the oxidizing nature of the connections, but easy.  Be careful about how often you perform this fix, as it will eventually wear away the tin-lead plating on the circuit board, if performed too much.  

My tip is to inspect the ground connections inside the water heater.  They are all green wires attaching from the circuit board to the water heater vent housing in one place and from the two gas solenoids to the gas valve in one place.  The gas mode of my water heater acted up a lot until I removed the screws attaching the grounds and cleaned the grounding lugs.  The lugs showed a lot of oxidation buildup underneath the heads of the screws and on their attachment points, which would prevent a good ground over time.  Once I cleaned the connections, and lightly tightened the screws, the gas mode has worked flawlessly since.  

Also, I visually inspect the water heater often before taking the RV out, even if I am not performing any maintenance.  I look at all of the electrical connections stated above, and inspect for any loose screws that may allow something to move.  This can prevent some headaches later on.  

General Discussion / Replacement striping tape for 2004 PC 2350
« on: August 14, 2009, 05:38:37 pm »
A large rock damaged the fiberglas, gelcoat, and some of the striping tape at the rear of the passenger side on my 2004 Phoenix Cruiser 2350.  I repaired the fiberglas and gelcoat easily enough, but now I need the replacement stripes.  I believe the stripe colors are dark blue metallic, light gold metallic, and brown metallic, but they have faded slightly over time.  If these aren't the right colors, does anyone know the correct colors?   

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