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hi people-re: 2006 23.5 cruiser: hope this hasn't been hashed over too recently but my black water valve won't open-when i clik the switch-nothing.  should i assume the switch if gone?  grey water valve switch is working fine.

also am looking to install a larger thin screen tv up front-kermit kind of advised might not be good to use a movable bracket to install it as they may allow for too much movement of the tv etc.  has maybe anyone done it anyway?   i notice some of the thin tv's are soooo light and all.  i'd like to be able to use a movable bracket so i am able to get at the back connections easily.

thanks.  connie b.

General Discussion / bed mattress made of?
« on: November 06, 2009, 04:57:30 pm »
hi-have 2006 23' pc-is the mattress memory foam?  i love it and have had someone ask me.  thanks connie b. maine/florida

General Discussion / wiring for satellite tv?
« on: August 06, 2009, 06:29:52 am »
hi folks-checking to see if anyone would share any info/experience they may have on the installation of satellite tv in your rv with a permanent dish on the roof.  i am just doing some research at this time and have checked in briefly with camping world (only by phone) and have a very general estimate of maybe $1800!!!  that's an ouch!

has anyone had this installation done and do they follow the existing installation of wires or install somewhere else?  do you have to get rid of the batwing or can you have both?  how about room on the roof for the dish?  and other questions i might not have thought of.

i have just noticed on the camping world site a "new" portable that is put out by winegard.  looks like a rounded dome 15" high by 18" wide that can be hooked up to your outside connection (if i understand it right).  smaller than the vuqube.  anyone have any experience with this yet (or the vuqube)?  the windgard looks like a pretty good product and the reviews seem positive. 

thanks for any help.  connie b.  2006 23.5 cruiser

General Discussion / ans. from folks about tv/sealants/leak
« on: July 05, 2009, 06:22:13 am »
thank you aimee, geomusic, and terri for the responses to my queries-they certainly helped.

now for the embarrassing part.  seems when i described the leak i was experiencing, i said it was on the RIGHT side when facing the FRONT of the rv.  NOT!  it actually IS on the right side but it's when you are standing outside facing the rv from the rear.

to recap:  a leak, which seems to wend it's way down from the room somewhere makes it all the way down (the back wall we think) to the large storage hold on that side sometimes actually pooling in there.  had a friend help with resealing (after running water from a hose for hours at a time and thinking we had found it.)  it actually wet the corner of the wall and the mattress corner on the way down.  very puzzling.  originally thought it was leaking into the storage hold door/hatch but not the case.  we can see the leak beginning on the left side in the hold area (as you are facing looking in) kinda creeping slowly from under the side carpet.  i have taken the floor piece out so we could see better.)

after we thought we had identified most of the leak, i then scrunched my ladder near the top and kinda pulled the poles from the roof a little.  temporarily patched that and now have a new ladder piece from the phoenix factory that will be put on with some of the dicor self leveling stuff (suggested by geomusic).  don't think that is the problem as had it before the  "scrunch" but we'll see. 

i did finally talked with someone ("Bob") at the factory who was very patient and helpful.  also said i could bring it out there anytime and they would find the leak and fix it for me.  i'd go today however, i'm in maine and it's a looong way. lol 

again, thanks!  connie b.

hi-  checking to see if someone has a similar tv setup as i am thinking of buying a new one.  just want to get it out.  have a 2006 23.50 and front tv is enclosed with a padded "U" shaped enclosure covering both sides and the bottom.  unable to see inside the side cabinets to get to it-maybe i just snap/yank it out?  don't dare try w/o advice.  also have a call into phoenix usa but no response yet.

a couple other questions while i'm here.  am replacing my ladder (i scrunched it-ouch) and wondering if anyone knows what sealant is used on the roof to seal it (and to seal all other areas one the roof also.)

i have read on the web something about using some different kind of sealant or side seams also.  anyone have any knowledge of this?

are our roofs fiberglass or vinyl?  (you can see my knowledge is very limited but am trying to learn.)

oh heck-while i'm at it.  i've been experiencing a leak fairly regularly in the back end right side (as you face the rv from the front) in the rear corner of the corner bed and strangly enough, the water ends up in the storage compartmant on that side and even puddles in there sometimes.  a friend and i  have done some resealing on the roof and back side seams and did almost completely stop it for a while.  it even wet the bedding and mattress in that corner on its way down before we sealed.  anyway, the leak is back but is making it past the bed and somehow inside the ceiling maybe and the wall, wends its way down to the bottom.  anyone get water in that area?

thanks for any help.  connie b.

General Discussion / hooking up converter box to analog tv
« on: June 21, 2009, 10:37:17 am »
hello forum-i wrote earlier and asked about hooking up a converter box so i could get my old tv back again (actually aimee sent my message for me).   Mr. Ditmer was very helpful in his reply and this non-techie type person managed to get the job done.  seems i did not have to take out the old tv and did manage to get the dvd/receiver out although it was difficult as there was a lot of velcro in there.  (that baby wouldn't have moved in a rollover by the way.  lol)

anyway, i did hook up the dvd with surround sound coming thru the whole system.  then decided to temporarily just hook up the tv directly by extending the tv antennae but am able to hook up the whole system again very easily as i left connections available when i put the dvd player back in its slot.  the directions that came with the tv converter box were very good and i was able to understand "most" of it.  i'm thinking there are more ways than one to use this box but in my case now, i use the tv clikker to put the tv on and off and for the volume.  i use the converter clikker to turn the box of and on, to change channels, and to scan for chanels in whatever area i may be in.  the tv needs to be on channel 3 in my case.

now one more question for anyone out there, still unable to get my tv out if i wanted to, say if i buy a new one.  i have a 2006 25.5 with a padded cover around 3 sides of the set a "u" shaped on both side and the bottom.  do i yank/snap/pop it out?  i tried looking in the cabinets on the side but didn't look like i could get there from that angle.  thanks for any assist.  connie b.

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