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General Discussion / PC Quick Look
« on: March 23, 2015, 01:18:46 pm »
Finally! got to see a PC in person last week. We made a quick overnight stop at LazyDays RV in Tampa and I took a little stroll around the lot. Actually saw 2 of them but one was locked.
I was really impressed with the wood work quality and the Ultraleather chairs and couch, (desert sand, cherry wood), not my optimal color combo but still beautiful nonetheless.

As a side note, while walking I noticed a noise coming from a Coach House class C sitting there, it was running and was HOT, not overheated but obviously had been running awhile. Told the security guard who acted like, no big deal, and she said she'd been there for 6 hours on her shift and that it had probably been running since that morning. It was 730pm.....nice. Lazydays impressed us as a huge out of control RV superstore. Employees that couldn't care less. We ran into a couple of them that when asked a simple question, looked like deer staring into headlights  :beg

General Discussion / Technical Questions from a Newbie
« on: August 31, 2014, 12:31:57 pm »
Since we're not as yet owners, and I'm one to absorb all the info I can find out beforehand, I'd like to know a couple things.
What is the model number of the following equipment currently being installed at the factory:
The roof air, either the 13.5 or the 15 (Dometic). The 15 is an upgrade
The converter/charger (Xantrex) I know the inverter is a Xantrex 1800
The coach water pump (Shur-Flo), I believe it's one of their Revolution series

I see on the 2015's PC has finally went to the King Controls tv antenna from the old school Wineguard crank up. Only issue I've heard about the King Controls unit is that they break off easily if hit by something. We have the KC on our current RV and they work slick.

Thanks guys for any info.....

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