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Ron/Jatrax - I am starting a new discussion in response to another thread that kind of got off topic. During our detailed factory visit in late March with Earl, he verified where most of the non built PC parts come from.
All exterior vacuum bonded side, roof and floor panels are built by a subcontractor in Elkhart and delivered to PC. The same goes for all the fiberglass pieces such as the front faring, side transition panels, storage bin/doors, the lower skirting panels and the rear cap including the older "Continental style" spare tire cap (which we ordered). That subcontractor is using the original molds created and still owned by PC.
Moryde is the vendor just down the street from PC that performs all frame modifications even south of the rear axle including installing the 5000 lb hitch. I witnessed very professional and high quality workmanship which is vital to the safety, handling and longevity of the coach. A strong foundation is critical to holding up any house, especially a moving one.
All composite wood cabinetry is constructed in house at PC and all hardwood cabinet doors, drawer fronts, table tops and counter extensions are built and finished by a local kitchen cabinet shop.
Cushions, mattresses and furniture custom built to fit the PC cabinetry is obviously sourced from another Elkhart vendor as well.
It was very interesting to learn the who, where and how PC gets it all done, so I am sharing what we learned. - Dick

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