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Not sure why that thread is locked...

There is a way to upload pictures here also.

When you are composing a post or reply, Look below the 'box' you type in. There is a " Attachments and other options " in blue, click on it.

You will see 'Attach:'  with 'Choose File' below. Click on 'choose file', and browse to the location that has the picture.

LIMITS:  maximum individual size 240KB  for any one pic. I use 'Bome's Image Resizer' to shrink pics to the size limit.

10 pics maximum, OR  1280 KB combined.  If you try to choose too big a picture, it will give you a notice.

Hope this helps!

WHOA!   I had not seen this level of damage yet on a PC.

If this was built like most of them with 2x2 pine.....it would be a basket case.

Here you go Sarah!   Keep us posted as you go, you now have your own thread.  heartshower

Feel free to contaqct me on FB, here or email for any more assistance.

MO Projects...  :lol

The paint on the exterior mirror bases was flaking off the aluminum due to corrosion. Being that they look like they were taken off a 1978 Winnebago, I was eager to update the looks. The factory tow mirrors look so much better, and extend out far enough to see around the coach with ease.

Got new ones, factory copies. No heaters, but do have power adjusting. They are the extendable towing style. Like these -

Anyone else do this? Wiring advice welcome. Never done power mirrors.

My first step (after checking back here when I get home...) will be multimeter on wires, and work the switch. Hope not to let any magic smoke out when doing testing...

My Cruiser is gonna look like a cruiser now,  not a hopeful elephant..  roflol

General Discussion / Window/Maxx Rain Guards
« on: February 06, 2019, 12:09:22 pm »

Met a couple with a 2009 2350 on a sprinter chassis monday. They were here in town from Nova Scotia, and we sighted them at the Publix as we drove by. NO mistaking that spare tire on the back.  :-D  They had a window treatment I had never seen for the sliders - Window Maxx guards. I LOVE the look, and no clunky awning on the top. Anyone have any experience with these?

$53 here  - http://superdealsrvparts.com/window-maxx-window-vent%2C22-0368%2C31-1984%2C Might be better deals elsewhere. Though a commenter on Amazon (where they are UNAVAILABLE..) stated they were no longer made as of 2017..  :beg  Hope they are misinformed.

Called the link above after typing above -  pyho pyho pyho  Evidently NO LONGER AVAILABLE.  pyho pyho pyho

 Anyone else have a similar product?  This is SO nice!

PIC 1 - Our coach door latch, the venerable Trimark 60-1650 was due for replacement. Nether lock cylinder worked, and the deadbolt one was buggered beyond repair.

Mrs V chose the Bauer 013-531.


Nice piece. Very solid, when I picked up the box, I thought there were multiple things inside. Nope. Padding and a heavy door latch.   tymote  UPS!

PIC 2 + 3  - Removed the three torx screws holding the inner cover on. (I tried to drill the rivets out on a previous repair attempt to get at the cylinders.)

PIC 4 - Then the two torx screws on the door edge, between the pins. This will let you take the outside part of the original latch off. It was a tight fit on mine, took a little effort to pry it out.

PIC 5+6 - All parts removed, hole in the door cleaned. The white plate is a DOOR PART not a latch part. It will be reused.

PIC 7 - Put the two phillips screws supplied with the kit through the door plate and thread them into the new latch outer piece. I was not real happy with the fit on the outside, but figured that the inner plate would snug it up.

The replacement strikeplate looked identical to the old one, so I left the old one on. Worked fine so far...

PIC 8 - OW!  OWWWW!   pyho Test slam of the door had the plunger digging into the edge of the strikeplate..  :-[ OK... maybe the new smooth one is worth the effort.. OW...  pyho

Ok... installed the new strikeplate. The kit came with (2)  #4 phillips screws with a blue locktite on the threads. Mine used the same 1/4-20 thread, but were nuts and bolts. I did re-use them. The doorframe does not allow for much adjustment, so its pretty close when you start.

I was not happy with the fit on the outside. Little too much gap  Next episode.

General Discussion / On Demand Water Heater Install
« on: September 17, 2018, 11:15:44 am »
Another adventure begins.... an on demand water heater.

Well, we were hoping to upgrade our water heater from an Atwood 6 gal to an 'On Demand'. We had a ''Marey' brand OD heater that worked like a charm camping, and wanted that same convenience on board the coach. No waiting for hot water, and endless. The Marey runs on 2 D cell batteries, a pressured water source and LP. 3 years old, and going strong! A deal for $125.  https://www.amazon.com/Marey-Portable-Propane-Tankless-Heater/dp/B005DROEZC

Now we have gotten a Replacement for the coach...and are about $700+ into it. Got the 'special' door kit that covers the outside.

Reading the instructions... and found this gem hidden:

'For FLUSH MOUNT door Atwood heaters, the cover does not fit, and the old door corners are left revealed. Additional fabrication work will be required to trim it, and customer should be advised of additional cost.'  :beg   and you guessed it... our 2007 2350 has the flush mount heater.  pyho

Anyone else go down this road? Either installing an On Demand, or making the door kit work. I did a site search for 'On Demand', but this returned results that had the word 'on' in them... or words having the letters 'O' and 'N' together...  :'( 

Photos / I sure hope the pot-o-gold doesn't put us over weight......
« on: September 01, 2018, 07:07:19 am »
Beautiful cool morning after the rain.

General Discussion / Quiet(er) AC
« on: August 07, 2018, 05:33:26 pm »
I did try to search this topic, but the site search engine returned all words with 'ac' in them...   pyho 

This weekend we did an overnight and ran the AC for ~19 hrs. No drips while running, but when I turned it off....  :-[  Water running out of it. Maybe a cup or so, but flowing off/out of the control knobs   :beg  :help Glad the new vinyl floor just needed a quick towel.

Mrs V is not confident in the coach AC.   :cool

Sooooo....  I am taking that AC out to verify all is well mechanically.  We were buying a new AC for the Phoenix Carrier trailer anyway, so now the plan is to get a new quiet(er) AC and install in the coach, and put the Dometic in the Carrier. The Dometic is a relatively new replacement to the coach, before our ownership.

The Dometic is not ALL that noisy, considering its operating environment. But hey... if we can upgrade...


General Discussion / Trailer behind a 2006 model 2350
« on: June 21, 2018, 06:19:15 pm »
Looking at getting a used trailer tomorrow, one of these -

5K GTW, 1200# empty, 90(!) # tongue weight, Dual torsion axles... looks like its perfect. Going behind a 2006 Model 2350.

Advice? Opinion?

Interior Length   13' 8"   
Inside Width   7' 6"   
Inside Height   6' 3"   
Outside Length   17' 9"   
Outside Width   8'   
Out Side Height   7' 10"   
Base Weight   1250   
Tongue Weight   90 Lbs   
Hitch Ball   2"   
Ball Height   17"
Axle GVWR (all axles torflex)   3500 ea.   
Number of Axles   2   
Body Load Capacity   3650

This is a later model one, minor trim differences.



Photos / Festival Boondocking for NYE 2017
« on: January 28, 2018, 07:53:53 pm »
Suppose 'Camo Net' 'Tapestries' 'Tie Dye' and 'Christmas Lights' were all necessary for your campsite. :) We are used to basing this around a 1971 VW Bus, so the 2350 is a mansion.

pic 0296- PC 2350, Awning out. Camo netting deployed, and 8x8 popup for 'privacy airlock' to underawning area. Unfortunately roaming ne'er do wells roam festivals, we call them 'Wookies'. The 8x8 acts as a double door keeping them out.

pic 0298 - Mrs V modeling.  (exactly) 2o2

pic 0109 - The little red heart is a fixture with us. Originally hot glued to the side of the Bus as part of a 2500+ LED driving light show
                (c2013) then an outdoor ornament WANEE 2014/15/17. Now is on the coach.  heartshower

pic 0299 - Right Rear view. The wind was HOWLING across the field, so there are ground anchors and a rope over the awning. Pink
                pool noodle and christmas lights help others avoid the rope. It is ALL contained on our 'lot' however.

pic 0433 - A full moon for a full year. Last night there.

pic 0438 - A bit tore up from the wind. We had pretty good lighting.

I took down the camp from ~2100-2230 hrs New Years Eve, as rain was forecast for the early AM. Like 6AM early. I figured better to sleep a night cramped than pack wet.

Worked out well. After the final performance ended at 0130 hrs New Years Day, I figured I would just drive home. What the heck... i was packed up and only ~2.5 hrs from home. Sober from working audio and video archiving.

Pumped the tanks out into a handy Port-O-Let, and headed home. Love that macerator pump. Passed only 3 cars the first 100 miles... and few on i-95 on the final leg home.  >:(

All in all I am VERY pleased with this coach. The trip across highway 60 was more like piloting a small plane. Light buffeting from the road was very much like turbulence.  Mrs V snoring on the back bed a reminder of my precious cargo on board.  (nod)

Next festy is march at SOSMP.  https://suwanneespringreunion.com/  Got free tix from one of the bands we tape. I have not been a big bluegrass follower, but willing to learn.  :-D

General Discussion / RE-Flooring a 2006 2350
« on: January 14, 2018, 02:28:21 am »
New day, new project...  roflol

The carpeting on the camper has always been an issue with Mrs V. Not to her standards. And smells.

so... new flooring was in order.

pic 9073 shows the <formerly> existing floor carpeting.

pic 9074 shows why my slide was leaking... rear roller was 'low' due to bending.

pic 9077 shows the cause... carpet had deformed and was impeding roller travel.

pic 9078 shows another angle. Pics dont do it justice, was an impressive mound. Reason #2 carpet must go. :/

pic 9079 - carpet removal. Lots of randomly placed staples. No seat, as it was removed prior to our ownership.

pic 9083 - First bump.  >( Inboard LP tank and Generator mounting bolts.

pic 9085 - See how this carriage bolt crushes downjust below the surface?

pic 9086 - The gen/LP bolts stand PROUD.  ;)

Off to Home depot for flooring and carriage bolts.

 (cheer) 2o2 (cheer) >:( >:( >:(

General Discussion / Fitting a 2006 2350 with 6V Deep Cycle Batteries
« on: January 09, 2018, 08:47:26 am »
'Liberated' this from another thread. Good Idea Jatrax!  2o2

I currently have a single 12V battery on the drivers side, rather high up. Stock location for this year coach.


We 'boondocked' for our first festival (5 days) and just running the 'frige (on LP) and minimal lights we had to start the generator every day to charge the battery. It lasts maybe 3 days until too weak to start the generator.    So we ran the generator an hour a day as insurance. The coach battery is a newer (2016) group 31 truck battery, but NOT a deep cycle. Unfortunately the compartment for the group 31 is in is VERY tight to try to fit (2) 6V golf cart batteries. (plus the compartment is not vented... thought that was a must..)  I may try anyway. Probably just get a deep cycle group 31 for now.

Forward of the side door is a larger empty volume that I am looking at maybe mounting batteries. It would be a great place for them... low down and much closer to the front. I happen to have a spare 2000w inverter, so a 'house inverter' is not out of the question. We plan on ripping out the carpet anyway, so things will be MUCH easier to see then. We are thinking of putting in a 'wood look' floor in, so I am considering a nice access hatch inside to get to the batteries. Our coach came with the seat behind the passenger taken out, and the open floor suits our needs well.  A top access hatch would simplify mounting and wiring as well, being there would be no need for the battery tray to slide out.

The battery compartment in our location has a direct channel to the power distribution area by the fridge.  Keep that in-mind if placing your batteries forward of the main entry door.  Make sure you can safely run the two battery cables around the step and over the exhaust heat shield to the other side.

Having the batteries where you are considering would improve weight distribution, especially when considering where your fresh water tank is.  Like our 2007-2350, it is in the worst possible place, directly over the rear bumper and butted against the passenger side wall.  But having the tank there does give us both a huge outdoor storage compartment.  I don't know any other PC model (current or past) with an outdoor storage compartment that both Irene and I can fit inside.  Everything has it's trade-offs.

Good luck placing your twin batteries forward of the entry door.  If you decide to attack it, I'd love to see the results.

Many pictures will be taken. :)
Not sure if we have the same rear storage compartment, but I think I would be hard pressed to fit in there... much less accompanied by Mrs V.  roflol  Though now I will have to attempt it.  (exactly)

Are you guys getting off topic?  Grin
It's actually a good subject but will be lost in this thread.  Wish we had the ability to pull posts out and move them to a new thread.

And a few 'copy and paste' moves and here we are. :) GREAT idea.

Photos / Driveway camping
« on: December 22, 2017, 06:45:29 am »
Still in the 'getting to know' our 2350, and seeing what we need to camp in it. Luckily we have a great driveway to camp in.

Now that I learned how to tension the awning, it is SO much nicer..

Thanks to the cat for setting the motion detector light off.  :lol I had ~10 different pics with varying exposures...but Mrs V liked this one the best.  2o2


General Discussion / Replacement of Fiamma 45i awning
« on: December 16, 2017, 06:48:38 pm »

Well, the Fiamma awning that came on our 2350 does not meet our needs. We need an all weather setup that wont puddle water.

Any suggestions? I prefer manual operation, but power with an easy manual backup is cool.  :-D

I do not mind adding anchors on the coach lower body, but will also be using the awning in a 'carport' style - legs to ground. The add-a-room options make Mrs V happy, and we might have a smartcar for a toad soon to drive in.  2o2


Photos / Rocket and RV
« on: December 15, 2017, 10:56:31 am »
I had to reduce the quality a LOT to post it, but you can see the Falcon 9 rocket just up and right from the top of the plume.

Driveway camping.

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