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General Discussion / Happy New Year and Thank You Forum!
« on: January 01, 2020, 10:00:30 am »
I've only had the pleasure of being part of this fantastic group of serious Phoenix Cruiser enthusiasts for nearly two years, but the advice and insight I've been able to gain by participating is priceless. The members here are so willing to share their knowledge in so many diverse fields. We  can ask stupid questions and receive helpful answers without judgement. The ideas presented here inspire other creations. The sharing is free flowing and boundless.

Not only are we lucky to be proud owners of one of the best RV coach makers in the USA, we have this great community to be part of and learn from. PC is lucky to have this forum as probably their finest sales force. While nothing is perfect (definitely none of us,) having a great company that wants to stand behind their great product borders on perfection. (I hope they are listening...)

Thanks to you all and Happy New Year!  :)(:  :)(:  :)(:

Dougn Sue

General Discussion / 5 Star Performance Tune on Sale
« on: December 05, 2019, 12:51:39 pm »
After reading all of the great reviews I finally went for the 5 Star Performance Tune kit. As luck would have it the price was a holiday special of $499 instead of the retail $549. Bonus surprise, as in the box was a coupon for a $40 rebate in the form of a pre-paid Visa card. Looks like the deal runs thru Dec.


If you've not been too naughty Santa might be persuaded to slip one down your chimney.  ;)

I installed it per the directions in about 10 minutes with no problems on our 2010 2551...can't wait to give it a thorough test!

Their test demo video on their website uses a 2016 Allegro beast coming in at 23000 lbs, ( a monster with the same 6.8L V10!!! no wonder we pass them up all the time!) ;) registering a 10% improvement from stock across the board.   All reviewers seem to be impressed with the far better shifting patterns and power curves they experienced.

Does anyone out there have real experience in performance and economy with the 5star?

Peace on Earth would be an even nicer gift...(exactly)...Happy Holidays
Dougn :)(:

General Discussion / screen door squeak clues?
« on: March 17, 2019, 05:56:23 pm »
I searched first, but nothing came up. I could be solo in this dilemma.
Any clues how to silence the screen door, shrieks seems to be coming from the spring mechanism . Have cleaned and waxed the tracks and sprayed dry lube top and bottom in the ends while I had it all out to move the TV.  We had 3 of the same roller screens in our home and they all squeaked too. Other than magic I'm stumped.
By the way, the screen is about a foot longer than it needs to be, probably made for a 3' door, so if you had a tear within the first foot or less, it could be removed and rebuilt, I bet.

General Discussion / 5-Star Tuneup or other engine enhancer results?
« on: March 04, 2019, 09:54:50 am »
There was some talk awhile back about the 5-Star engine software modification.   I'm thinking of trying to get back the 1 MPG (other than driving 40 MPH all the time) I lost by pulling the toad.  Could those of you who have done it give an update to your performance improvements? Has anyone  used any of the other performance "chips"  that are out there?  This one looks interesting: https://www.ultrarvproducts.com/Ford-V10-UltraPower-Custom-Tuning    My mechanic had concerns about the transmission potential damage, he says a performance muffler will give the same results +/-. (He has the same E450 in his RV.)  Appreciate the comments!

Tips and Tricks / Secret Ice Box 2551/2552
« on: February 20, 2019, 05:15:20 pm »
When planning a trip up to Oregon last August and facing 100 degree+ heat, I needed a plan to take a box of our universally loved Palisade Colorado peaches to share with family and enjoy for the month we were to be away. I had noticed before that the storage under the driver side bed in our 2551 stayed relatively cool, and sometimes we would keep extra drink items there. I improvised a way to improve on the existing characteristics of the space by cutting pieces of 1" foil faced Styrofoam insulation and friction-fitting them into place in a double layer fashion, with a lid to match. The floor is already 2" insulation, but I added one layer there also to hold all of the sides in place. Even tho designed to be removed easily, it is still there, and will likely stay. Nothing fancy, but it works...

I use two one-liter water bottles and alternate them between freezer and ice-box daily. It keeps things cool enough for leafy greens and back-up beers even in 103 degree (outside) heat. 

And the peaches survived  to be loved by all!

General Discussion / Winterizing holding tank sprayer lines
« on: February 16, 2019, 02:21:44 pm »
After a trip south and returning to impending snow, the need to re-winterize presented a situation I have not thought of or heard discussed before. The lines to the holding tank spray nozzles are exposed under the chassis. After spraying out the tanks and disconnecting the water hose, I opened the individual valves and a bunch of water came out of the inlet. I did not think of this last year, so obviously there was not a problem. It made me wonder if more water was still in the lines to the tanks that could not drain due to lack of gravity. Thinking of using an air nozzle to blow into the tanks to clear the lines....any ideas, comments, or concerns? Wasted worry?


General Discussion / First Toad Trip, or Maybe I Meant to say E-bikes....
« on: February 16, 2019, 11:33:40 am »
We just returned from our first experience pulling a dingy. 1600 miles trying to find warmth in southern Arizona, cut short with weather forecasts of more highs in the 50's and lows pushing freezing. Not much better than home in Grand Junction, CO.

Flash, our 2010 PC 2551, performed flawlessly (aside from needing a new battery) and nearly effortlessly pulling our 2000 Chevy Tracker, Dash. The Tracker seems to be designed for towing four down. It's an automatic 4WD with high/low range and neutral in the transfer case, decent ground clearance, a comfortable 4 door and pleasant to drive. There is an always-on 12 volt outlet in the console to plug in the RVI brake assist system I had chosen:

No need to leave the ignition key on. As long as you leave a key in the ignition after shut down the steering wheel does not lock.

It was really nice to have a vehicle for exploring, shopping, getting to trail heads, etc. while leaving a camp all set up.

We weighed at the Port of Entry on our way out of town. Dash clocked in at 3200# with full fuel, our two mountain e-bikes (Crash and Smash) and the heavy duty bike rack needed to carry them, plus assorted accessories for biking and hiking, jump starter and tools, etc.  We loaded Flash with the usual way-too-many clothes and toys, full water and food and drinks for three weeks. The scale reported the front axle at 4500# (5000# capacity,) rear axle 8160 (9500# capacity,) 12660# total, or 1840# to spare. Show me another 28' RV with that capacity.
The only thing I wish we had taken, and easily strapped to the roof rack on Dash, was our old Wenonah Minnesota II canoe named...wait for it... Splash. We could have used it several times.

We always log our fuel and water usage. Last year without towing, we averaged 9.141 MPG over 4567 miles. We usually drive at 60 to 65 MPH, but don't push it up hills or in headwinds. With the same strategy pulling Dash we averaged 8.607 MPG over the 1636 miles traveled, an extra 11 gallons. Roughly the same amount of fuel saved by using Dash (24 mpg) instead of Flash on excursions.

Without Dash to use, we would not have been able to drive the two scenic loops in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, (which we absolutely loved!)  a trip to Biosphere 2 while camping outside of Tucson, or easy shopping and sightseeing while staying at Lake Pleasant north of Phoenix.

As far as driving goes, there was very little difference to be noticed...slightly more "pull" on the long inclines, and the need to think ahead when stopping for fuel or for the night...you can't use reverse while towing four down. Going down the road, it is like there is nothing back there, just frequent glances in the rear camera to be sure it was still there.

This performance makes sense as I remember my much younger days touring in my 1970 VW leather-shop-on-wheels Bus. You'd feel the suction as you pulled dangerously close to the rear bumper of that 18-wheeler going down the highway in front of you, let off of the gas pedal, and literally coast behind it. That's what Dash feels, hence the smile.


General Discussion / DVR cabinet removal 2010 2551 Success!
« on: January 07, 2019, 10:34:22 am »
Has anyone removed the DVR cabinet in a 2551 (overhead,  just forward of the coach door) and have any tips for hopefully taking it out in one piece and minimizing damage to the coach interior? The first time I banged my head on the protruding corner I  swore I would never do that again! That was several head bangs ago (slow learner) and even my much shorter and far more intelligent wife has done it a few times.  I can't afford anymore TBI's. IMHO it is a worthless cabinet in the wrong place, and is one of the few things we don't like about our 2551. I will put a much smaller dvr player and receiver in the more forward cabinet or the dash.
I'm also thinking of then moving the front TV  to the now empty space, mounted on an extending TV mount attached to the side of the remaining adjoining cabinet, so it can actually be seen comfortably from the couch, and build some storage where the TV was.
Has anyone done this?  Any tips, tricks, or cautions? I can see and feel a few screw heads inside the cabinet, it's the ones I can't find I worry about.  I was a carpenter back in my adult life (now post-adult I guess) and am pretty handy.
Thanks in advance!


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