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General Discussion / Charging issue
« on: September 28, 2019, 12:55:13 pm »
Hello, we are on the road, DH driving. We have been super happy with our 2004 2350. We bought it this summer . The previous owner changed out the batteries to 2 6v AGM, he also installed a Boondocker converter/charger, plus a battery monitor. .Starting  yesterday.. we noticed the batteries charged very slowly off the generator and today while driving with battery disconnect in the “in use” position the batteries r actually drawing down. When I switch the disconnect to “ store” the batteries stay put, no loss or gain. we have driven some gravel roads , hit bumps in the freeway so I am hoping for a loose wire. Haven’t checked any fuses yet.. as we r driving for another 4hrs.. any ideas? The batteries r only 2 yrs old and have been treated well. Everything has been perfect until yesterday .Thanks for any help..

General Discussion / Roof maintenance
« on: August 04, 2019, 06:35:17 pm »
Hello, So we bought TNCanuks 2004 2350. It is in very good condition and he did some great modifications. That my previous RV has a rubber roof, I learned about what happens when a roof is neglected. I am going to touch up the sealant on the seam where the front cap meets roof. But I don't know much about the fiberglass roof. I already did a search.  Do any of you ever use things like Dicor fiberglass roof coating? Or is just waxing it OK? Being a 2004 I want to be on top of things. Thanks for any suggestions.  The RV is not garaged, but winter storage is in a covered parking spot. The rest of the time it is in high altitude sun.

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