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General Discussion / 2019 E 450 dome lights
« on: January 07, 2020, 08:29:05 pm »
For anyone with a newer E 450 or 350, is there a trick to turning on the dome lights?  Neither of ours work no matter the ignition key position.  Canít find anything in the Ford owners manual so Iím not sure if these lights are Ford OEM or PC.

Thanks in advance.

General Discussion / 2351D bed improvement
« on: December 27, 2019, 09:51:53 am »
Still a big fanboy of PC, however, the bed/mattress design isnít working for us at all.  We bought the 2351D with the idea it was going to be primarily a point to point vehicle, not planning to spend more than a night or two in it at a time.  However, we are now on a trip where we will be spending about 2 1/2 weeks in it.  After a week we are waking up with very sore backs.  The two main issues are that the stock mattress is way too firm and secondly because of the slide design there is a 4 1/4Ē step between the top half of the mattress support surface and the bottom half.  The mattress has two sections, one being 5Ē thick and the other being 8Ē thick.  That causes the bottom section to be about 1 1/4Ē lower than the top section, plus the mattress sags in the middle.  Just all the way around, not good.  To make the mattress softer I bought a 2Ē topper but the problem with that is that it doesnít stay in place at night.  Iíve included a model to show the issue.

So... I think I have a mod thatís going to make a huge difference.  I donít have time right now but will follow up with my idea ASAP...

Tips and Tricks / My first little mod...
« on: October 05, 2019, 08:32:10 pm »
I prefer to use a dedicated RV GPS unit rather than the one in the dash.  While trying to decide the best location to mount it I decided that a pocket in the dash would make an ideal location for it.   That location puts it at a nice height without obstructing my view at all and also puts it at a very easy to reach location.   I have a 3D printer so I modeled a mount that would slide right into the pocket.   

General Discussion / To Liquid Spring or not
« on: October 05, 2019, 11:01:54 am »
Having recently purchased a 2351D with liquid springs I thought I would offer my opinion on them.   After looking over the PC floor-plans, my wife and I decided the 2351D fit our usage the best.  As luck would have it, PC happened to have two 2351D units in stock.  One with LS and one without.   Having the opportunity to drive two identical floor-plans with and without liquid springs back to back, it was a very easy decision for me.  In fact, after driving the unit with LS and then switching to the unit without LS, before we had reached the end of the side road that PC is located on (which isn't rough at all) I told Bob White, we can turn around.  I was instantly sold - even with the substantial additional cost.   It was a night and day difference.  Without the LS I could feel every crack in the road.  The best way I can describe it is; with the LS you still feel the road imperfections, but it's a much softer, mild feel.  Without the LS, and considering that these are built on a heavy-duty box truck frame, it's a hard, jarring feel to every road imperfection.   

To me the additional cost can be justified in several ways.  1)  A much more comfortable and quieter ride.   2)  Much better stability.  They make a noticeable difference in turns and lane changes.  3)  Much less hard-jarring of the living section which I believe will result in fewer long-term issues  (Remember that the entire time you're on the road it's like putting your home through a moderate earthquake.  On some roads it's more like a severe earthquake.)   4)  It's nice to be able to adjust the ride of the coach to fit the situation.  5)  Part of the cost well be recouped with a higher resell value.

In fact I am so sold on them that if it was a budget issue I would forego other options to be able to get the liquid springs.   If anyone is on the fence about them, I hope this helps.

General Discussion / New PC owner
« on: October 05, 2019, 10:29:03 am »
Hello everyone.  This is my first post.  I tried introducing myself in the Introduce Yourself section, but apparently that section in inactive.   We are the happy owners of a 2020, 2351D which we picked up a couple weeks ago.  This unit is out tenth RV and ninth motorhome.   We have owned RV's since the early '70's and have owned everything from a 40' diesel pusher to a class-C and a class-B+ on the sprinter chassis and everything in-between, including two Super-C units on the Freightliner M2 chassis.  As you can imagine over our 46 years of owning motorhomes we have had a lot of different experiences with the different units.   

As a new PC owner I look forward to contributing to the discussions in this forum. 

With our extensive background I thought it would be useful to share my initial impressions of the Phoenix Cruiser.     We had recently sold a Super-C unit that we were very happy with, but I was tired of driving a 40' motorhome and towing a Jeep behind it.   My goal now was to find a quality built Class-B+.   Since we no longer planned to spend months at time in the RV my main goal was to be as compact as possible, but still be livable for a few days at a time.   Additionally my main two criteria are heavy-duty and high quality.   After searching for months with the high-volume manufacturers and not finding anything I could be happy with, primarily due to poor workmanship, I decided to look into the low-volume brands that seemed to have good reputations.   After finding Phoenix Cruiser and reading many positive things about it as well as really liking the factory-direct sales model (and since we live in Indiana) I decided to schedule a visit to the factory.   Unfortunately, I ran into the problem that some people have mentioned...  I couldn't get hold of anyone!  After three emails and two phones calls to the factory I was about to give up on PC.   Fortunately I decided to give it one more try and finally someone answered the phone.  That person forwarded me to Bob White who was at the Hersey show at the time.  Although I got his voice mail, he returned my call very quickly.   From there on the process went very smoothly and hopefully they are getting the issue of being hard to reach worked out.

So what are my initial impressions?  I am very impressed with the unit!    Before purchasing a new unit I do a lot of research looking for actual user experiences with the company.   I also give the potential unit a very thorough going over, including a test drive, while on the lot.    After purchasing the unit and getting it home I then do my own very thorough PDI (Post Delivery Inspection).    Having done all of that with the Phoenix Cruiser I can say that I am very impressed with the design of the unit as well as the workmanship and the attention to detail.  Additionally I can say that this unit was by far the cleanest, inside and out, of any we have ever purchased.   I can say unequivocally that it is the best workmanship of any unit we have owned.   (Sadly the absolute worst unit we owned was also the most expensive unit!)

We are looking forward to our first trip in it soon.

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