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General Discussion / Re: Sound proofing/Undercoating
« on: October 28, 2015, 12:54:54 pm »
 tymote I appreciate the good vibes Tom - you know I've got nothing but love for you man  heartshower okay, maybe not like that haha

The sound deadening spray is applied primarily to the metal chassis - it greatly reduces the pinging and other noises caused by rocks and/or road debris hitting the metal chassis.  It is not specifically applied to the plastic portion of the underbelly, though some spray certainly will be on there as well.

If I were "choosing between" the anti-rust undercoating and the noise deadening spray I'd choose the noise spray because you get a two-fer (noise deadening and some rust aversion as well).

Hope that helps!

General Discussion / Re: Sound proofing/Undercoating
« on: October 28, 2015, 10:11:24 am »
Hi everybody!  I really hesitate to chime in at all, I choose not to be on the forum leading discussions because *YOU GUYS* really do a wonderful job promoting the Phoenix Cruiser product for us.   tymote 

I'm here to clarify:  The underbody spray will not cause/promote rusting by trapping in water and it cannot cause the underbelly to sag.  If you do not want them, no problem  2o2  However, if you do want them, rest-easy knowing they will work as advertised without causing a problem for your coach.  I'm not upset (these are common questions), but I need to set the record straight!  Ron & Tom know they're welcome at my campfire anytime!!  kumbaya

1.  The sound deadening spray is similar to a truck bed liner (it's made by Rhino-liners) - it's a thick spray-on (non-porous) undercoating with rubber elements in it.  The spray does not cause rust by trapping in water, in fact the product must be applied to a clean and dry surface as it is water soluble until it sets.  (Much like a latex paint that can be cleaned up with water until/unless it has cured).  As a secondary measure, it does help prevent rust by keeping the elements off the chassis frame.  At the bottom of this post I will include a statement from Ziebart on their frequently asked questions page.  There is also a rust-preventing spray that can be installed, it's a different product that neutralizes oxidation.  Ron posted that in 1983 he had a Ziebart application that did more harm that good.  In more recent years I have had a lot of folks who have been very happy with the Ziebart products heartshower

2.  There is no risk of a sagging underbelly with a Phoenix Cruiser motor home (whether you choose the undercoating, or whether you skip it).  Every square inch of the corrugated plastic is glued directly to the subfloor structure in a process called lamination.  Our floor is laminated in the following order (from bottom to top): corrugated plastic underbelly / layer of glue / steel frame with foam insulation / layer of glue / exterior grade plywood.  The entire package is vacuum bonded together so that the glue is spread evenly over the entire surface.  The great news is nothing can make the underbelly sag - Ever!  !:)!    (Sagging underbellies are common on travel trailers and fifth wheels where the same corrugated plastic material is not laminated, but instead screwed into the bottom of the frame)

Statement from Ziebart:
    Absolutely not. Undercoating cannot trap moisture between itself and the metal
    any more than the paint on the outside of the vehicle can trap moisture under itself. It
    simply can't happen. What we have seen sometimes is that a vehicle will start to rust,
    someone will then spray undercoating over the rust, then sometime later the
    undercoating falls off, and someone who sees that may interpret it as a failure of the 
    undercoating. Body shops see this very often when they're doing rust repair and they
    incorrectly interpret this as the undercoating caused the rust. The fact is,
    undercoating should not have been applied to existing rust as a way of covering up
    the rust damage. 

 (exactly) ;) tymote

Tips and Tricks / How-to Videos - Playlist and looking for more ideas!
« on: March 10, 2015, 08:35:57 am »
I've been working on how-to videos :help for easy reference on operating various functions on the 2015 Phoenix Cruiser.  Obviously it would be great to do past model years to help out everyone, but alas I don't have older models available  :'(

Here is a link to the playlist containing all of the how-to videos I've made so far:
As I make new videos, they will be added to the playlist for easy reference.

If you have ideas or suggestions for additional videos please e-mail them directly to me at kyle@phoenixcruiser.com

General Discussion / Re: REAR AIR
« on: November 03, 2014, 11:03:26 am »
With 30 amp service, the coach would not be pre-wired for the second A/C.  A reputable dealership or RV service technician would be able to install one with a separate 30 AMP cord for dedicated bedroom A/C.

Tips and Tricks / Re: Bike Racks
« on: July 30, 2014, 07:52:39 am »
That's beautiful! I assumed if you were towing a vehicle, the bikes would have to be mounted to the rear of the towed vehicle. 

I need be on the forum more often, there are great discussions going on every day!

Just wanted to mention to everyone, I can have cards printed with or without any personal information.
Please send me an e-mail to kyle@phoenixcruiser.com if anyone would like a re-print.

The "pro" side of having personal info printed on the card is this: they can be used as personal business cards - handed out to friends and acquaintances (as well as prospective buyers).  These cards are incredibly inexpensive and come in minimum orders of 250, so having them serve a dual purpose as personal business cards and referral cards will help use more of them.

Happy Camping!


Tips and Tricks / Bike Racks
« on: July 29, 2014, 03:10:59 pm »
I wanted to share that I've been trying some different brands of bike racks to see how well the work with the fiberglass rear cap on the Phoenix Cruiser.

Different racks have their own strengths and weaknesses as it relates to holding the bikes & working with the vehicle they are attached to.

So far, my favorite and least expensive option has been the Allen Sport hitch mount rack available on Amazon.
We use the three bike model (photos attached).

Here is a link to Amazon:

Easy to put bikes on & off
Our folding child's trailer can be strapped on
Enough clearance for our handlebars to not scratch rear cap

This style of hitch does not work well with drop-bar (ladies style) bikes
This hitch comes with a hitch-pin that requires a wrench to tighten.
(This is also a strength because this style of hitch pin vibrates & shakes less!)
No built-in locks

Anyone else have experience with bike racks?

Adventure Anywhere / Re: WALT DISNEY WORLD, FLORIDA
« on: June 17, 2014, 09:18:06 am »
Right now I don't own anything - we've had various kinds of travel trailers in the past, but this is our first season with a motor home.  I've been using a demo 2014 Phoenix Cruiser 2350 for the last three weeks.  I've also been trying a night in any trade-in we receive that's not a Phoenix Cruiser so that I can familiarize myself with other brands - both the pros and cons.

The 2350 has been great for:
Street parking - even in parallel spots I've found legal & safe places to park... Usually at the end of the block.
Traveling with up to 5 people - using the captain's chair behind the passenger side is ideal for strapping in a car seat
Tight spots - 26' sites (common in Michigan state parks) fit this coach with ease
Boon docking -  with the mild summer we've had, the generator has only been fired up to run the microwave

Thanks for the feedback! Nothing like a satisfied customer :)

I stopped into a bike shop I worked at in college over the weekend - the owner said he still feels like I'm one of his best salesman (even though I was not in sales).  I refer a lot of sales to them for bike racks on RVs (I use one ever weekend).

We decided to make a "downsized" brochures for our P.C. owners who want to carry a brochure as well.  If you want a stack I'd be happy to send them (just private message me).  They are the size of a small tri-fold brochure.  Then if they want a full size they can call Earl and he'll mail the big one. :)

Kind regards,


Good Morning and Happy Camping to All!

I've attached a form for complimentary "business cards" for any Phoenix Cruiser owner... These cards are great for personal use (friends you meet around the campfire), and can also be used to collect a $500 referral fee!  Earl Robbins is offering payment for new buying customers (one referral payment per coach), and the brand ambassador cards are a great way to help someone you meet remember to mention your referral.

I've attached the form.  Simply print, sign and return via fax or e-mail and I'll send out your free cards.

Warm regards,


Adventure Anywhere / Re: WALT DISNEY WORLD, FLORIDA
« on: June 04, 2014, 01:23:05 pm »

I work for Phoenix Cruiser now, but when I was in college, I spent a few semesters working at Walt Disney World!
One of my posts was the FW Campground - I was on lake patrol & water rescue... Pretty much unaffiliated with the campground operations though.

I go to Disney pretty much every year and will stay at the campground to give an updated review (will post here).

Check out attendance data just released from my friends at Theme Park Review:

Excited to see the 7 Dwarfs Mine Ride in Fantasyland  !:)!

Adventure Anywhere / Re: Where are all the Phoenix Cruisers?
« on: June 04, 2014, 01:17:42 pm »

Let's see... We were camping in Holland, Michigan on Memorial Day Weekend (at the State Park - Beach Campground) and met a couple who just purchased a 2003 Phoenix Cruiser 2350 from Detroit.

This past weekend (June 1) we saw a 2010 Phoenix Cruiser model 3100 driving in Warsaw, IN with a Chevrolet Corvair in-tow.
Turns out it was a couple in their 90's who were headed to the factory to sell the coach to P.C.


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